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Saw News from WY Elk hunt - bhunter
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From: sdkhunter

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Sad news in that “bhunter” Dave Perrion passed away in his sleep while elk hunting in Wyoming on 9/20 at the age of 55. Dave has been a long time member and shared his experience on various hunts of his over the years…. He was an adventurous soul - he went many moose hunts, deer yearly, many many elk hunts, mountain goat, caribou, musk ox with Frank back in 2015 and the list goes on.

In addition to being one of the best hunters and outdoorsmen I’ve ever known personally, he was an amazing friend and person – he treated everyone with respect. He shared his love for archery with everyone - I can’t imagine how many kids he helped shoot a bow for the first time. He was also involved with South Dakota Bowhunters, Minnehaha County Archers and more.

I’ll always remember Dave for his smile and willingness to help others along with how he prepared for his hunts. Dave wouldn’t just exercise to prepare, he’s put on his pack, run up the local ski hill, then run around the archery course practicing his shooting under real life hunting circumstances. One of my favorite “Dave Sayings” was “There isn’t anything we can’t do, now there some things we won’t do….”. Dave and I have had a couple of discussions in the past about living in the now, not putting stuff off and living life to the fullest – to which I think he set a great example to follow. We were both very excited – burning 22 WY Elk PP’s between the two of us this year, both of us finally drawings our tags – we were constantly talking about our hunt preparations, gear, scouting and plans – it’s hard to realize he’s truly gone…. The world would be a better place if we all had a little more ‘Dave’ in us…. He will be forever missed!

Any archers attending his prayer service Thursday night are asked to bring an arrow in honor of Dave for his quiver…

From: Bowfreak
Wow! That is terrible news. Sorry for your loss. God bless Dave and his family.

From: jordanathome
Sorry to hear this....but I can't think of a better way to go. God Speed Dave. May your arrow fly forever and your quiver be always full. So sorry for the loss to his family and friends.......

From: Pat Lefemine
Just terrible. Met him a few times and he was a real gentleman and a terrific sportsman. Sorry to hear this.

From: ElkNut1
Oh my word!!! That is terrible news, may God bless the ones he left behind to stay strong through his passing!


From: Trial153
Terrible! Godspeed Dave!

From: CPAhunter
RIP bhunter Dave

From: Treeline
Oh, man that is tough news!

It does sound like he was lucky to go while doing what he loved.

I actually got to spend some time up on the mountain with Dave a number of years ago here in Colorado.

He had drawn the non-resident ram tag in S12 as had I. We chatted a bit on the Bowsite and then got together during the hunt. I will never forget loaning him a wool shirt and raingear when we were hunkered down at 12,000' in a rain/hail/snow/lightning storm for several hours under a rock and I was afraid his chattering teeth would break! Nor him being lost after an all day hike and trying to find the truck several hours after dark and our flashlights dead - got a big kick by telling him we would just have to rough it out a night, then turned and took 3 steps and opened the truck door! Unfortunately, I had to go back to work the day he shot his ram so I wasn't able to help him get it off the hill.

He was a great guy for sure and I really enjoyed hunting with him. He had a very positive influence on many people over a great lifetime.

God Bless and Keep you Dave.

Condolences to the family. He will certainly be missed.

From: midwest
Too young! RIP, Dave.

From: jdee

From: Carcajou
Oh My, that hits home, you never know when the time is up. RIP

From: Kodiak
Terrible thing.

Any word on the cause? I guess heart attack, sleep apnea and CO poisoning have all crossed my mind. Sorry if the question is inappropriate.

From: Paul@thefort
That is sad news. As I reach 80 years in 17 months, I am finding way too many friends and associates are passing, some much too young like Dave. No one comes out of this life, still alive, so live it to the fullest. -- "died in his sleep while elk hunting". We should all be so lucky. My condolences to his family. my best, Paul

From: pav
Very sad news....gone way too young. RIP Dave.

From: lewis
Thoughts and prayers sent to his family and friends way too young to pass but there is no control of that and what a way to go Lewis

From: wilbur
My thoughts & prayers go out to his loved ones.

From: dakotaduner
I feel privileged to have been able to know Dave and shoot with him. He was humble and passionate about the outdoors and helped many people and kids shooting archery. My sincere condolences to all family and friends.

Wow.......terrible, and sad. Peace from above to his family.

Sorry to hear of his passing. Sad news, but couldn't think of a much better way to go out.

Condolences on the loss of your friend. Sorry to hear about this.

From: rallison
Coldolences to friends and family. Way too young! Live EACH day!

From: Bowsiteguy
Paul reaches 80 in 17 months; I reach 80 in 22 (1940 was a great year). Echoing what he says, live life to the fullest, but also try as best you can to live for right now. Enjoy everything, all day, every day. Screw the future.. Wish I knew Dave. Sounds like a helluva guy.

From: cnelk
I didnt know Dave but condolences are in order.

I hope there is a Bowsite post when I pass that says "He died in his sleep while elk hunting"

From: elkmtngear
Wow, too young! Prayers to his Family, very sad news, indeed!

From: Scar Finga
Prayers and best wishes for his family and friends!

RIP Brother! God Bless,


Sad news indeed. Condolences to his close friends and family.

God Bless the ones he left behind.

From: Franklin
Way too young....he had many mountains to climb. I feel bad for his family but they have comfort in knowing that he died doing what he loved. He died with his "boots on".

From: Rut Nut
Sending prayers to his family and friends. Way too young, but what a way to go!

From: Scoot
Sad deal for sure. Prayers sent.

Tuff loss for his wife and three kids. Time will help. RIP

From: ohiohunter

From: Deertick
"Too young" is right. A man that age is in the prime of his life. I hope all of his people are doing well.

From: Inshart
I'm certain God enjoys visiting with elk hunters ........ RIP, God bless his family, he sounds like a wonderful person.

From: Brotsky
I never had the pleasure of meeting or spending time with Dave but heard his name often. He was a great man we lost far too early. God bless his family and loved ones and may he Rest In Peace. Godspeed Dave.

From: drycreek
Much too young, but I can't think of a better way to go, doing what you love to do. My condolences to his family and friends.

From: Gene
Way to young to go. R.I.P. fellow bowhunter.

From: Heat
Can't help but think the same thing as some of these other guys have mentioned, if you gotta go, well that's the way to do it. My sincere condolences to his loved ones. RIP.

From: uteangler
Too young. Sending thoughts and prayers for his friends and family, from NM.

Sorry to hear this. RIP Dave.

Dave was and always will be one of my best friends, we've hunted and shot archery together for more than 25 years. His death came as a shock to everyone, he will be greatly missed.

That is Terrible to read.

I am so sad for him.

Prayers to his loved ones from Utah


From: Zbone
My condolences...

Prayers for his family and friends.

From: Dennis Razza
Prayers sent

From: Woods Walker
"I didnt know Dave but condolences are in order. I hope there is a Bowsite post when I pass that says "He died in his sleep while elk hunting"...."

My thoughts exactly. RIP brother. Prayers sent for him and his family.

From: Mr.C

From: brooktrout59
Very sad but sounds like he had a wonderful family and. A great albeit short life. Prayers to his family. Godspeed.

From: 12yards
Dang! This really hits home as I am 55 also. At this age I still don't think much about my mortality. But truth is, you never know when the good Lord will call you home. Great advice he gave about not putting things off. God rest his soul and comfort those who mourn!

I will say a prayer for the family, and all of you, his friends........

From: Beav
Sad news! Prayers for his friends and family.

Prayers for family - passed doing what he loved -a great reminder to do what you have left on that bucket list - take that hunt, and spend our days wisely -

From: TreeWalker
Peace be with his family and friends.

My condolences, R.I.P.

From: Mint
Very sad news but he died doing what he loved most.

From: South Farm
Sad news, but what a way to Elk Camp! Hope I get to die doing what I love someday.

Terrible news.....prayers for his family and we were all better for having him here.

From: goelk

From: Mule Power

Mule Power's embedded Photo
Mule Power's embedded Photo
Had a friend pass this week. 61 years old. Perfectly healthy but a sudden illness resulted in a blood infection and life support couldn’t buy enough time to beat it. You just never inow so make sure you have your priorities straight every day.

Rest in peace brother.

From: t-roy
Thoughts and prayers to his family. Much too young for sure.

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