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Whitetail Deer
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Bowriter 26-Sep-18
Sidekick 26-Sep-18
WV Mountaineer 26-Sep-18
drycreek 26-Sep-18
From: Bowriter

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Bowriter's embedded Photo
Season opened here, five days ago, It has been raining for five days. Raining a lot. And guess what. There is more in the forecast. I don't take the cameras out in heavy rain so, I have been getting a lot of reading and cooking done. Down to one last package of dead deer meat. Yesterday, moved the smoker into the garage and supper turned out great.

From: Sidekick
If you'd called me, I would've brought dessert.


I'm out of deer meat too. Season starts here Saturday. I need to be successful early, often, and continue throughout the season until I run out of tags. I've been craving a good deer meat dinner for a while now. And, it sucks not having any.

From: drycreek
I rationed mine to make sure I wouldn't run out, and also killed an Axis doe in March. Our season opens Saturday but rain is forecast and where I want to hunt the wind will be wrong. Oh well, I can hunt until the last day of February so I'm sure I'll be ok.

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