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Rangefinder or Rangefinder Biinocs
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Zim 07-Oct-20
From: bighorn
What do you think is better the rangefinder or the rangefinder binocs pros & cons.

From: daleheth
I really wanted to like rangefinder binoculars but bought a pair last year and didn't like them at all. I returned them after deer season. For now I will stick with rangefinder and binoculars because they are more versatile and better optics

From: Waterfowler
I just lost all my hunting gear in a flood and had to replace my optics . I initially intended on buying the Leica Gevoids but after playing with them and reading reviews , I bought a pair of 10x 42 Swarovski and a good Leupold range finder and saved money. The weight difference and the fact that I rarely use the rangefinder option made it a easy decision. Unless you're long range rifle hunting how often do you really need to range objects?

From: smarba
I like separate units. Even though I occasionally rifle hunt I don't feel it adds any effort to have a separate rangefinder unit for times when I'm using binos.

When I'm on final stalk mode with bow I hang my rangefinder from my shirt collar and quickly snap it up for a reading with one hand. Much less movement and easier than trying to range with binos one hand at close range during final stalk.

I tried the rangefinder binocs early this year, did not like them at all and went back to separate units. It was far too slow and cumbersome to get the bulky binocs up and get a range. I am far more discreet and quicker having the rangefinder on my belt in it's pouch. When it's go time I take it out of the pouch and let it hang from a lanyard that is around my neck. It is always within inches of my hand this way. If I was a guide, the rangefinding binocs would be the way to go as you can watch the animal and give constant ranges to the client. My .02

From: Glunt@work
Yep. For rifle hunting the combo units are the way to go. I don't use a rangefinder for bowhunting but if I was shooting past 40 I would use a small range finder. I have shot a couple things past that over the years but I'm generally looking for under 30.

From: Dale06
I have swaro binocs, 10x32 and a Leica 900 RF. I like them separate and in the ones I own, light. Recently I toyed with the idea of getting a Leica RF/binocs combination. Looked at it at cabelas and decided to not drop that huge amount of money.

From: BTM
Been using a Bushnell Fusion ($900 or so) for the last five years and would NEVER go back to dealing with separate units.

Leica Geovid BRF with angle compensating rangefinder built in......will NEVER go back to two separate units.

From: Lee
I’d love a pair of Leicas - I have used a pair of Leicas and they are awesome. I’d love a pair.


From: Elkhorn
I really like my vortex binorange for rifle hunting.

From: thedude
If I didn’t get a free pair of leupold wind rivers and a dealer cost vortex 1500 I’d have a RF bino. When I buy my next pair of optics it will be a RF bino to cut weight and streamline my optics setup.

From: Scar Finga
So three weeks ago I bought the Leica Geovid R, they are the older model of RF Bino. They are still sold new at many outlets and stores (about $1400.00). The optical clarity was up there or better than Swaros, but the range finder sucked! In bright light it was almost impossible to see and this was at both close and distant targets. It has an auto light sensor and it does not work that well. especially if you are in the shade and glassing into bright areas. At least that was my experience. I sent them back and will stick with Swaro 10X42 and my Leopold range finder. I think the new models ($2800.00+ or so) have this corrected, but I am not spending $3K.

Good Luck!

From: Trial153
I had the swaro EL range, I have also used the Geovids HG B quite a bit, last week in fact for several days,side by side with ELS. Of the two the swaro was way nicer glass, in fact not even close. Way better edge to edge clarity, brighter and less CA. No comparison to either my Els for SLCs as well. As far as ranging in binos, for us bowhunters I am not 100% sold on it. Yes, its nice to one unit, however in spot and stalk situation I found it easier to use a traditional handheld range finder then pulling the binos out of my chest pack. One handed there is no comparison, the traditional hand held is easier to use.

IF I was guiding or if I was a gun hunter I would use go back to the EL range and call it a day. However for bowhunting I am sticking to my Lecia CFR2700 and whatever binos I decide to bring.

From: Kurt
I came away with a different perspective than Trial153 on Leica Geovid glass (was a unit with Perger prisms....banana shape to the barrels and micro-SD card programming, but don’t know model number as Leica has so many these days).

The Leica Geovid I tested next to my Swarovision EL binos (both 10x42) had better depth of field and excellent sharpness. The owner was a guide in the NWT and thought they were better glass than Swaro and I didn’t disagree based on viewing Dall sheep. Just goes to show everyone has different eyes and what works best for one may not for another. I still love my Swaro binos combined with a Leupold RX1600i rangefinder.

From: GotBowAz
Im with BOHNTR. I have a pair of Leica Geovids with angle compensator thanks to BlackTail Bob. I love the things and wouldnt go back to a range finder but then again im left handed. The range finder button is on the left side so I am able to hold my bow and range with the bino's at the same time. IMO, the clarity in these things are as good as any Swarovski i have ever looked through. I range everything at all distances including tree stands. I've never had an issue with pulling them out of my chest pack eithier. I can also let them go and hang no different than a range finder and they dont get in the way.

From: nmwapiti
Have Leica Geovids and love them. Use for archery and rifle. Used to have separate Leica binocs and rangefinder.

From: sticksender
For mountain hunting, I carrry the Leica Geovid HD-R’s with angle compensation. I carry them in a fast-opening Rick Young cover, along with his ultralight harness that weighs about 1 ounce. Works well for me and saves from carrying another electronic device.

separate units, that way if you have one malfunction or become inoperable you don't lose both if you have to send to shop.

^^^^^^^^^^What he said. Plus if the RF feature fails but he bino's still are OK, you loose your binos to get the RF fixed, not a good situation a month before you're leaving for a major hunt 1000+ miles away from home.

From: Tracker
SLC 8 X 42 ND LEICA 1600R THE PERFECT Combination. If I was just gun hunting the combo might work but I sure don't want to be lifting a big pair of binos as a big bull comes in at 40 yards.

From: Moose2367
Have been asking myself this for years, found out about the Kahles Helia RF binos and put some on layby. It won't be as much as shock to the bank account that way, plus the price here in Aust was better than if i bought from the USA, maybe because the $ was better when they bought them.

From: ohiohunter
I think the Bino/RF combos are more suited for rifle hunters.

From: nvgoat
As I have said before- Rangefinding technology will continue to change.

Buy the best binoculars you can afford and they will last your lifetime.

Buy a new rangefinder when technology has a better product. This way you won't be stuck with an expensive outdated device.

From: Dale06
Good point nvgoat

Navgoat, but point anyone could possibly make. Outside of image stabilization I don't see how they can much improve todays top shelf bino's .

From: nvgoat
DMTJAGER That is my point. The binos won't improve much so buy now and lasts a lifetime.

The rangefinder technology will improve so why get stuck with outdated technology in an expensive bino/rangefinder combination device.

From: Matt
I prefer separate units.

From: Buffalo1
Which Leica rangefinder unit is recommended ??

From: DeerNut
Anybody is still using Binos with rangefinder? I'm using only Rangefinder and it's more than enough for me. That new rangefinders is so advanced that you don't need anything else. What makes me angry is the fact that here is a lot of too expensive rangefinders, I don't think it needs to cost more than $500. Luckily I found a not so known company that have affordable prices for their laser rangefinders: For that specs the price is perfect. I don't say that Rangefinders from Leica or Nikon are bad, but because of brand it's too expensive.

From: JSW
Leica Geovids hands down. I have the HD's and wouldn't trade them for anything.

From: Zim
I think Swarovski downgraded the glass quality in the EL Ranges to maintain a lower price point (understanding they are a far cry from "cheap"). I have posted this on other threads on bowsite, typically the glass on the bino/rangefinder combos is not as great but Swarovski has tried to tell me they have functionally the same specs (light transmission, etc) as the regular EL lineup and that simply isn't the case. I am of the opinion they are misleading their buyers. I researched this prior to making the purchase and found out afterwards that their marketing materials do not reflect the actual performance of the EL Range Binos. I just completed a mule deer hunt and my hunting buddy had the SLC's (same magnification and objective), when comparing them side by side at dusk the SLC's had noticeably better light transmission (at obviously a much better price point). I'm not posting this to disparage Swarovski, I am stating this to try and help others avoid the mistake I made. I would not recommend buying the EL Range's. If I were to do it again I would buy the standard EL's and then the latest and greatest range finder to go with it. I am disappointed in Swarovski for misleading their customers, particularly with such an expensive item. That said, I think some of their other items are fantastic.

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