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Colorado elk drop camp for 2019?
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Drifter 26-Sep-18
standswittaknife 27-Sep-18
Drifter 27-Sep-18
TD 27-Sep-18
md5252 27-Sep-18
Michael 27-Sep-18
renegade 28-Sep-18
steelhead 02-Oct-18
SixLomaz 02-Oct-18
Mule Power 02-Oct-18
steelhead 02-Oct-18
steelhead 03-Oct-18
From: Drifter
Looking for a elk drop camp for my wife and myself. Anyone have any info they are willing to share?? Pms are fine. Thanks

La garita Outfitters does great drop camps in the La Garita wilderness in Colorado. Check them out..

From: Drifter
Thank you, I will contact them, appreciate your help.

From: TD
I couldn't offer any suggestions, but a buddy just got back a day or so ago from a CO drop camp.

Find out the specifics.... how many folks they run through camp, what group are you in, 1st? 4th? It matters. Buddy said they put on some serious miles (and he can put on some mile) and the whole camp saw 6 elk, one rag bull, in a week. Nobody tagged an elk. Apparently all the animals had been pressured into nearby private land. Pressured elk move out and can move a great ways in a short time. Sometimes they move from somewhere else into your area..... sometimes not. Something to check into anyway. He said he'll never do another drop camp again. If no animals your options are too limited. As guys say, nice to have a plan B, C, and D lined up so if things aren't good at A you can move.

Said it was a good camp, a fun trip, but a camping trip, not so much a hunting trip. Depends on your expectations. Personally I can live with minimal comfort and maximum effort for better odds of opportunities to kill an elk. But with the wife that may not be the prime consideration.

From: md5252
What TD said x2. In my opinion drop camps are a total gamble (with not great odds). I also feel that the fully guided hunters will get the prime camps/locations over a drop camp client. Just my opinion. Doesn’t mean you won’t get into elk but lots of variables

From: Michael
I agree with TD as well.

With that said I have hunted in some of the same areas as Eagle Mountain Outfitters in CO. There are elk in those areas. Jon is a good guy and has good camps.

From: renegade
Micheal is right. I did a drop camp with Eagle mountain outfitters this year. Saw a lot of elk. Out of my 5 trips to Colo this was definitely the best. I would highly recommend them. PM me if you have any questions I'd be glad to help.

From: steelhead
Thanks everybody for your replies. You’ve confirmed some of my concerns of drop camps. I was just trying to get my wife away from the heavily hunted Oregon over the counter units I hunt. Amenities are not necessary for my wife, she’s hunted and fished in my minimalist camps since we’ve been together and doesn’t complain ever, I’m lucky there. 4 knee surgeries is the only thing that holds her back a little.mShe loves riding horses and I thought I’d combine the two. Thanks for your help, I will continue to research and look into your suggestions.

From: SixLomaz
Do your own camp. It allows you for flexibility in hunting. Easy with a Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent (Citron Green) as you split the 5 lbs weight. Important is to get 2 quality down sleeping bags, 2 hand warmers per night each, and 3 Klymit Insulated Static V Luxe Sleeping Pads (one for backup in the car - rent a Prius as you can comfortably hunt and sleep from and in it). Hunt wilderness areas where terrain is difficult thus less hunters pressuring the elk.

From: Mule Power
Why not Montana? You can get tags and it’s closer to Oregon than Colorado.

From: steelhead
I’m not opposed to any western state, if anyone has info they would be willing to share on a good drop camp. Thanks

From: steelhead
Thanks for the PMS, I appreciate the info.

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