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Baiting with pee
Mountain Goat
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From: wild1

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Is there any truth to this....?

From: Heat
Similar deal in Glacier National Park. Goats used to hang out near the Visitor Center at Logan Pass because of all the human urine. They have been using a dog up there to keep the goats at arms length.

From: Buffalo1
Don’t eat asparagus before you try this !!!

From: TD
Pay folks to shoot em rather than issue (sell) tags. That's messed up.....

From: TD
Russian goats Pat??? Those lil' skanks.....

From: BullBuster
There is a peak in North Idaho where the goats will come up to the hikers in the summer and lick the sweat off your legs if u allow them. They are native. People think it’s cute but I warn people.

Same in Colorado. While Climbing some of the 14rs the old saying is they will “lick it from the spigot” So the rule is only to pee on rocks No vegetation because they paw and destroy the plant Life for the salt. They can be quite the nusance around camp. But worth it as they are amazing animals.

From: Elkhorn
Rabbits I noticed also love pee in the winter

Ran into a mule packer that warned us not to piss in camp or it would bring in the goats. We thought he was full of shot.

As soon as we got back to camp we letter fly and within 30 minutes there was goats in camp licking the dirt. Those goats were horribly obnoxious...would get into your tent or pack if you were gone fishing.

From: weekender21
I've had a blacktail doe lick sweat off my pack in camp and wait patiently for me to finish urinating on the ground.

From: Jims
If you take a hike up Greys and Torrey's in Colo during the summer....the goats come running when they see anyone peeing. Be aware...they aren't shy! They lick the rocks and almost eat the gravel where this takes place.

From: DonVathome
In G5 CO get in plain sight of the goats and pee they will come running. No kidding.

From: Snag
It’s the salt they crave

From: Franklin
Goats learned real quick to stop falling for this trick in the Middle East.

From: midwest
LMAO @ Franklin!!!!!!

From: Lost Man
I don’t have the goat experience but saw it with mule deer while backpacking in Colorado’s maroon belles

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