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From: Bowriter
I have a stanck of "stuff" three inches thick of "simple" instructions on how to convert my Cabela's VISA to BP MC. I'm going to have to hire a lawyer to read through all the crap. Not real sure it is worth it.

From: JTreeman
Then don’t. Problem solved.


From: Dale06
I got the same instructions. Talk about customer unfriendly!

When the time comes, I may wade through it, or toss it and the new card in a shredder.

i ditched my bass pro card relationship with B of A two weeks ago, cashed in my points and went with another company that has much better customer service. B of A was terrible to deal with for me. besides, bass pro and cabelas are rarely competitively priced anymore.

From: drycreek
What kentuck said

From: keepemsharp
The info we got is that its not BofA its Capitol one.

From: Bowriter
Mine too, is Capitol One. But Haysooz Christo. What a bunch of werds!!!

From: Tody
Just used up my points yesterday, getting rid of the card. Looked like the Cabelas by me might be getting rid of the Bargain Cave, or they are remodeling the area.

From: Bake
With MidwayUSA shipping free the same day almost always. And Amazon shipping free the same day almost always. I'm not sure I'll ever be ordering from Cabelas or BassPro again.

Plus I'm at the point where the only "normal" things I ever need are points and arrows. Everything else I buy is pretty much a specialty item that neither big store ever carries

I don't know why I did it, but I recently ordered a new Scott release from Cabelas. Needed a new backup. It took 7 days to get to me. They didn't ship it for 4 days after ordering. Now, I wasn't in a hurry. . . but what if I had been?

From: Abndoc
I was in Cabela's yesterday. Rogers MN...Bargain cave is gone. We are heading to Montana in few weeks and my son need a few things. Wow what a change that store has gone through. He was looking for a pair of gators...they don't carry them anymore. Most of the cabelas brand is gone, replaced by red head.

I know what you guys mean about Cabela's/BP selection and prices, of what I could really use nether sells it. And the few things I could actually use more of I can get for 30-60% cheaper on line else where. Going to burn my points and cease using the card.

From: DEC
I've been a Cabela's Visa card holder since the Dundee store opened in the early 2000's. The stores in general and their website offerings have been going down hill for several years now and cashing in on "rewards" seems tougher each time as I have all of the major hunting needs covered. I've been cashing in rewards for stockpiles of ammo for the last several years as Cabela's seldom has anything else that I want/need. Recently, I did need a new pair of waders and after checking online, the site said the Dundee store had 7 or 8 different ones in stock in my size. When I got there, they had three types of waders in stock was all. I ended up cashing in points for a pair that I can make work for my limited wade in duck hunts, but that was kind of the end for me.

When I got the letter the other day about the switch from Visa to MC, I realized that it is time for me to move on from Cabela's all together. I buy most general life stuff off of Amazon and am a Prime member. I think it might be time to get an Amazon Visa and get rewards that I can cash in on virtually anything.

I too now prefer MidwayUSA and Amazon for the vast majority of my needs. I wish Cabelas well but they have gone downhill for several years, especially in quality, selection and customer service.

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