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OR Gaiter Sizing
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Tracker 30-Sep-18
WV Mountaineer 30-Sep-18
Ucsdryder 30-Sep-18
Bou'bound 30-Sep-18
From: Tracker
For guys running the Outdoor Research Croc gaiters how do you find the sizing. I wear a 11 boot and according to there swing charts either the L or XL will work.

Depends on calf size as to which one to go. I have a pair of Croc's. I wear 12 boots. But, my calf's are 18.5" around. They are tight around my calf's with anything on. And, will not velcro latch with thicker pants.

I bought a pair of Kuiu. I love them because they FIT around my calf's regardless of what I am wearing. Stretchy.

If you are of the more normal sizing, buy the OR one their charts say. FWIW, when talking with them, I believe that there is an inch difference in circumference in the L and XL sizing, through the calf's. They are a great, heavy duty, working gaitor. But, I highly prefer the Kuiu for hunting, what little I've got to use them so far. Much quieter and more breathable.

From: Ucsdryder
Yep all about calf size. Go large unless you have exceptionally large calf muscles.

From: Bou'bound
Run kuiu they are tough to beat

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