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Backup your onX data
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WapitiBob 30-Sep-18
Don K 30-Sep-18
orionsbrother 30-Sep-18
midwest 30-Sep-18
From: WapitiBob
Most of us are done with our western Elk hunts so you might want to backup those tracks, waypoints, and routes. The easiest way is to open the web map, my content, and "select all". Then, export as a KML, saving it to a folder that makes sense to you. Saving the data as a KML will allow you to open that file in Google Earth at a later date and all the items will be intact in the Places tree. You could also select the data by type or date. OnX won't backup the cached maps unfortunately.

For my hunt, it was an out of state hunt so I no longer need the cached maps or the data, on my phone or on the web map. After saving my onX data from the web side to my Wyoming-2018 folder, I can go to "apps" on the phone, then "clear data" to cleanly remove the out of state hunt maps and data (this is on Android). If for some reason I need those tracks, etc, back on the phone, I can import the data from GE into the onX web map, then open onX on the phone and onX will sync that data back to the phone. Understand that when you clear data you will essentially have a clean install on the phone when you open onX, requiring you to login.

From: Don K
Thanks for the info!! Just did this for my maps and it worked perfectly

Thank you for taking the time to post up these tips.

From: midwest
Was pretty happy with OnX this season using it for the first time. Just wish it had the same imagery quality at full zoom offline as it does online.

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