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Whitetail Deer
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From: Starfire
I told myself I would not buy anything new for hunting this year, cause I really don't need anything... or do I? What is the one thing you have bought that has improved your odds on taking a big whitetail (property and leases excluded)?

From: dirtclod Az.
Divorce Lawyer.

From: Bowriter
LOL- You know, I cannot think of a single thing since the invention of the climbing tree stand.

From: Bake
The only thing I can think of that I believe I've purchased, that has greatly improved my hunting has been a GPS.

Let me explain. I hunt a large wooded farm. I have around 30 stands. Most of which I try to stay the heck away from for a large part of the year. Some of them are dang hard to find in the dark. Prior to the GPS I had to use several large terrain features to navigate in the dark to have any hope of finding some stands. So I was always bound to using a part of those terrain features.

Since I bought the GPS, I don't have to do that anymore. I can circle way around and come in from different directions and leave those large terrain features untraveled. Greatly improving my access into some stands.

That has improved my hunting more than anything. Strangely, having the confidence with a GPS to get off those terrain features has greatly improved my ability to navigate without the terrain features. Now, since I don't worry about walking around and around a stand in the dark trying to find it (and stinking the place up with ground scent), I rarely even use the GPS anymore to find my stand, because I've gotten better at navigating when I can't see much.

That is really the only product I've ever purchased that I believe has improved my chances to kill a mature buck. Because it's improved my access abilities

From: Brotsky
More time off to hunt....

From: Zbone
"Divorce Lawyer"... Just spit my drink...8^)

From: Scrappy
Brotsky how do you buy more time off and where can I buy some?

Sitka Equinox Hoody

From: BullBuster
Divorce lawyer.....LMAO

From: Bou'bound
string silencers

From: pav
Additional complete treestand setups (stands, climbing sticks, safety lines, etc...). There isn't a funnel, pinch or saddle on the farm that doesn't have at least one stand setup. Several have two stands for multiple wind directions. Allows one to sneak in quietly and climb without breaking a sweat. Also allows one to change stand sites in minutes.

A few years ago, we added an airport quality wind sock. The property is near a major river and rarely does the wind direction follow the weatherman's script.

From: Bowriter
I forgot- Wild Turkey Honey Bourbon.

From: hitmanatgym
Divorce lawyer comment had me about choke to death on my morning shake..... Now that was funny right there!

Absolutely love my scent crusher bag! I hunt the wind, but still like to eliminate as much odor as possible. If you are looking to spend a few bucks (no pun intended), a tower blind for late season is a great purchase.

From: Shawn
Cabelas Wooltimate bibs, unreal for late season or when it is down right cold!. On sale for 165 bucks which was about 60% off. If you cannot sit still when it's super cold and most cover is gone it helps to be toasty warm and sitting still!! Shawn

From: Lever Action
Lease was it for me. Said I would never do it but I had too, if I wanted to see deer. It worked. Still seems ridiculous to me. For the cost of the lease I could be eating Lobster daily.

From: TrapperKayak
I'll buy ASAT camo tops and bottoms 'one of these days'. I bet those would help.

From: Bill J.
The Hunting Public YouTube channel. These guys reminded me how to hunt, something I think I'd lost over the years. Looking for fresh sign, rubs, plus trying new(old) things. Very excited for the rest of the season.

From: Knife2sharp
The Ghost Blind. I bought one several years back for ground hunting on federal land where leaving blinds or stands up overnight isn't legal. I also have a few blinds, but they're not always convenient to carry due to their size and also having to carry a chair. I have the backpack for the Ghost Blind that you can also secure a chair to. I like the Ghost Blind because it blends into everything and you don't need to clear as much brush for the footprint of an enclosed blind. I missed my largest buck to date with my bow because I misjudged the distance by several yards; he was much closer than I thought, plus he ducked the arrow. The one downfall is you're not sitting in a darkened area, so you have to be more cautious with your movements, but that just adds to the excitement.

They also work great for hunting out of cornfields because you don't have to cut down a bunch of stalks and can just trim the leaves on the stalks for your shooting lanes. I love hunting from those cornfields that have alfalfa or beans adjacent to the woods and the wind is blowing in your face. The deer come out to feed and can scent check the woods, but never expect danger from the corn. I even had a two year old buck come all the way to the edge of the corn and I was just 3 rows in and standing up. It helps when the corn is still green and gets very dark inside when it's low light.

From: bigswivle
Y’all will laugh but the thermacell has changed the way I can hunt down here. My deer are in full rut now and if I didn’t have that wonderful invention, hunting would be miserable

From: JTV
Hecs, Ozonics, ScentBlocker, corn and a crossgun .... cant kill a deer without 'em .... ;0)

From: longspeak74
"Divorce Lawyer." I purchased one of these a few years back. Excellent long term value!

From: Screwball
Heater body suit

I don’t have a bow press and little patience/knowledge to tune so the money/time I have spent on a well tuned bow/arrows/Broadheads is my choice.

Rambo bike. My land is very steep and being able to get around quickly and quietly without sweating is a game changer.

From: skipmaster1
I second the GPS and I’ll couple that with a stihl pp800 telescopic pole pruner. That saw let’s me trim up to 25’ or so. With that and the GPS, I can scout and prep dozens of new climber or run and gun stand/stick locations each year. I never have to go back to prep a good spot and the GPS let’s me remember all of the spots I have. I have well over 100 trees ready to go every season. on the GPS, I’ll leave a note about each tree, either a quick description of the tree or maybe direction to face or best wind or time even to hunt it. I’ve gotten on a lot more deer and more mature deer and easier with these tools.

From: Sidekick
Archery club lifetime membership. I always have a place to practice.

From: South Farm
50 pound sack of corn.


From: Grubby
It hasn’t paid off yet but I think that my new ebike has upped my odds. Makes getting in and out clean much easier

From: Sean D.
The only thing Ive ever bought that I think makes me a better hunter was books and magazines. Reading what different folks do in different scenarios and testing them out for myself helped me the most.

Good Optics

From: elk yinzer
All my hunting is mobile public lands. Over the past two seasons I transitioned from a Summit climber to a mobile saddle hunting setup. Cut just a little weight, but significantly less bulky and carries like a dream in my MR backpack. Debatable if it makes my odds better; probably not, but more comfortable which I guess could lead one to pushing deeper instead of hunting the easier spots. But I always went all out and just fought through the pain. Same could be said of some clothing upgrades over the years. GPS is probably the one gadget I would really struggle to hunt and scout without.

From: Bowmania
Lot cheaper than a lawyer - untreated hemp.


From: Bowmania
Lot cheaper than a lawyer - untreated hemp.


From: trublucolo
Hey Dirtclod, that lawyer you bought..... any good at packing elk?

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