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Silk fabric for hunting clothes
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Lovehunt11 01-Oct-18
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LKH 02-Oct-18
Buffalo1 02-Oct-18
Jaquomo 02-Oct-18
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Paul@thefort 03-Oct-18
Jaquomo 03-Oct-18
Do you see any hunting clothes make from Silk fabric? I think silk fabric will keep you warm, no wet, anti bacteria.

I routinely use silk long-underwear under my woolen "longunderwear as it is thin, and warm for the small amount of bulk. I am not aware of any silk clothing of sufficient weight that it justifies the expense. Wool is a better option above the underwear/baselayer option

From: LKH
Campmor used to carry silk long underwear at very reasonable prices.

From: Buffalo1
I have and do use silk underwear, tee shirts and gloves. They all work well. Wintersilks is a good source for silk products.

From: Jaquomo
Sierra Trading Post often offers great prices on silk base layers. I have a couple sets but now prefer silk-weight poly with anti-microbial silver thread for better odor control.

From: Glunt@work
Hanes makes some but don't get the ones with lace at the top...chaffing is an issue.

From: Paul@thefort
Jaq. "with anti-microbial silver threads". Who would have every thought? I guess putting a man in space may have helped. Paul

From: Jaquomo
Ha, Paul, that's funny! The concept was actually developed by NASA scientists to control body odor on clothes during long space flights. All my base layers incorporate it now and it makes a noticeable difference.

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