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Experience with G5 Dead Meat broadheads
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Little Bear 03-Oct-18
Bake 03-Oct-18
JW 03-Oct-18
Little Bear 04-Oct-18
Bowfreak 04-Oct-18
Little Bear 19-Nov-18
Iowabowhunter 30-Jan-19
Neubauer 30-Jan-19
ohiohunter 30-Jan-19
JDECK 31-Jan-19
spike78 31-Jan-19
From: Little Bear
I've been a slick trick fan for years but I'm contemplating the G5 Dead Meat head. I'd love to hear if any of you have good or bad experiences from real life test (not shooting into plywood, etc.) but actual blood trails.

From: Bake
I like the head. I've shot a mouflon ram, a hog, an elk, and a turkey with them. I've had pretty decent blood trails. Great penetration. Decently strong heads.

I'm shooting them again this year.

From: JW
Killed 3 white tails with them last year. 2 big bodied midwestern bucks were both pass throughs and left ample blood trails. Both heads I used still spin true and are back in the quiver with new, sharp blades. Really stout head for a mechanical.

From: Little Bear
Thanks for the responses so far.

From: Bowfreak
It is a great concept.....and like a few other G5 products I've used, they would be awesome with a little refinement. If there is a head that flies better than the Dead Meat I'd be shocked. They are very sharp and are stainless. The practice head they come with is awesome too. Some say they don't open to 1.5" but that didn't bother me. What bothers me most about them is that the blades rattle beyond belief. While shooting with heads loaded into my Tightspot, they vibrate like crazy at the shot.

From: Little Bear
I wanted to come back and provide my experience with these heads. I shot an 8 point buck that flipped over after going less than 40 yards in what seemed like 30 seconds and was down. We can take two deer a day if one is antlerless so I continued to hunt. Three hours later I heart shot a doe and she also went less than 40 yards and blood trail on her was incredible. Cabela's and other shops don't seem to carry the replaceable blades so I'll have to order those from G5, but the existing blades still seem sharp and weren't bent. I was impressed. I imagine my old stand-by Slick Tricks would have done the same given the same shot placement but these will be in my quiver for a while. Thanks for the input provided.


From: Neubauer
I’ve shot at least 6 deer and a caribou with them. They fly amazing and I’ve never had any issues with them opening. I actually killed my Greenland caribou with a frontal shot. I’ve never had the “amazing “ blood trails like ive heard about from others.

From: ohiohunter

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Wasn't the fire bull first shot w/ a g5 mechanical. They've since edited out the broad head from the 1st shot, but 2nd shot was a striker I think.

I was given one by G5 though their offer on Bowsite. I shot a buck at a severe quartering away angle and had a complete pass through. The deer went about 40 yards and left a great blood trail. I was very impressed.

From: spike78
Little Bear check EBay for the blades their was some great prices last time I looked.

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