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PushCoArcher 05-Oct-18
Kodiak 05-Oct-18
Shawn 05-Oct-18
cath8r 05-Oct-18
WV Mountaineer 05-Oct-18
BigOk 05-Oct-18
yellow eye 06-Oct-18
White Falcon 06-Oct-18
Tooth 06-Oct-18
bowhunter55 06-Oct-18
From: PushCoArcher
What time do you like to get to your stand during the early season for afternoon hunts? I try for 3 not that it always works out.

From: Kodiak
I try to be on stand an hour before sunset. That gives me a 1.5 hour hunt, which is plenty(for me).

From: Shawn
Normally 2 hours before dark but depends a lot on the type of day. Cool, overcast even earlier. Shawn

From: cath8r
I try to be 4 hours before dark at least.

As early as I can. I usually nap in the woods a good distance from my stand. So, 2 or so. If I'm ground hunting, I never really leave my stand area. I just sleep when I'm tired, Wherever that is. But, you can bet by about 1 PM, if my butts on the ground, I'm snoozing during early season. It's good stuff

From: BigOk
3 hrs before dark

From: yellow eye
Most of my spots are best in the evening. Got stuff to do today in the am will get out around 1-2. spend time checking sign, take my time pick a spot get in stand approx. 3-4 shooting time is till 7 right now.

From: White Falcon
Shoot for 3 hrs.

From: Tooth
I would be out there now, (4 hrs before sunset) but theres a line of severe storms gonna be rolling through that I dont want to get caught in. It's warm here today too, so I dont really see the need to be that early.

From: bowhunter55
Usually in my stand by 2pm. by 3rd week of Oct I'm in my stand by noon.

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