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From: BowBow
Was going to buy first lite jacket and bibs. Seeing if sizes ran big or small or normall ?

I have the Woodbury jacket and Sanctuary bibs, I found the jacket to be true to size, the bibs ran small. I am 6 ft tall and 220lbs, I got the XL jacket and XXL bibs.

From: Worthless
I have Sanctuary bib and jacket; size was just a hair small.

From: butcherboy
Pretty much all my first light stuff runs a bit small. I always buy one size larger. I have a hard time finding any clothes that fit me right. Iā€™m only 5ā€™8ā€ but broader than a barn across my shoulders and chest.

If you are a normal sized guy for your body type, then stick to normal size. Also, stick with the same size through out all items. Dont size up in the jacket to XL if you normally wear a large. Its a layering system and a slight increase in size is already factored in.

I have a ton of it. Which jacket and bibs exactly and how tall/big are you?

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