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From: DL

DL's embedded Photo
DL's embedded Photo
Got this from an outfitter here in Ca He would be a beast if both sides were like his left horn.

From: Zbone

From: LKH
Hard to tell from one photo but It appears the horn comes out at an abnormal angle. I think we are looking at what should be a side view from the front. Regardless, he's a trophy for sure.

From: JMG
Maybe it’s just swollen. :)

From: Brian M.
I'd call him Picasso.

From: ohiohunter
pic your own asso

I wonder if this is a deformity or injury?

From: NvaGvUp

From: sticksender
That type of growth is uncommon, but does seem to happen with some frequency. Here's a Utah desert ram from a couple years back. On this one, the horn had actually grown into the side of the ram's jaw:

As you can see from that series of pics, the aberrant growth resulted in the horn being somewhat rotated, giving the illusion of more mass from the frontal view perspective. Could be the same with the California ram above.

From: smarba
Rams just weren't meant to be NT. Not that I'd pass one up, but not an attractive trophy.

From: t-roy
Would the abnormality effect the scoring on this sheep in any way?

From: GF
Looks like he got dropped on his head as a lamb.... Wonder if he can see out of that eye.

From: DL
Kyle this was from Cliff StMarten.

From: Heat
Horn deformities in sheep are often a result of sinusitis.

Smarba I agree....Iove non typical Muleys....don't prefer it on anything else and hate the look of these sheep...

From: TrapperKayak
He's a California Left Winger.

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