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Mahindra tractors
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From: kyrob
Been looking at a mahindra 3510 4x4 with fel for mowing, and food plot work. Would like some opinions on the mahindras if anyone has any experience with them.

From: Junior
Pretty tough tractor for the money...idk the resale of the trade in but for occasional use id buy one...commercial use would be a different story and id pass....neighbor's got one a few years ago

From: Ollie
I have a Max28 and have been pretty happy with it. They have a good reputation and don't cost quite as much as a comparable yellow and green tractor. Major factor to consider is having a nearby dealer where you can get service when needed.

From: drycreek
I’m in for this discussion. I’m planning a new tractor purchase next spring or a lightly used one without the environmental crap on it. Sixty hp range with 4x4 and FEL. A good Kubota 6040 w/can and air would work but I may have trouble finding one close to me. I’d like to hear about Mahindra in the same hp range.

From: bfisherman11
Do you have a dealer close by? When I was looking I looked online at Kioti, Mahindra, LS and Kobota. I had a Kobota and LS dealer close by. The Kioti dealer wanted an arm and leg for deliver because he was an hour plus away. Bottom line I got a good price etc from LS so that is how I went. I spend a lot of time on the Tractor boards and I think Mahindra has a good rep. With these tractors I think a lot has to do with the dealer. If you have a good dealer close by that will support you that is a big plus.

My guy did free delivery and has offered if it ever broke to come get it free (it never has). I bought an LS G3033 HST 4x4 which has plenty power. I upgraded from a 1941 Ford 9N (loved it). My place is hilly, I use the front loader to clear trees, dig water holes etc. I have a couple food plots as well. Also I mow with a 5' brush hog. Sounds about like what all you want to do.

My G3033 was one of the last befor the switched over to the XR series so mine does not have the regeneration on the diesel. I hear guys complain about this new feature on some of the new EPA compliant tractors.

Anyhow, good luck, test drive if you can. Compare spec's, you want a heavy tractor to PUSH/PULL. Check loader lifting heights/weight, get the best or highest in the class. You won't regret that. Every mfg has had issues. With that said and me having ZERO experience with Mahindra I would have to say I think it's still tough to debate the quality of the Japanese tractor. The Korean tractor is second (LS, Kioti), and if I understand right, might take is Mahindra sits in the slot after these guys. Again, just my take off what I have read on the tractor boards.

One BB I like is lots of info there.

I hope that helps, Bill

From: krieger
I bypassed JD, NH and a bunch of other brands because of the Regen system. Mahindra was the only one that didn't have Regen or have to use DEF. They run a DPF in the exhaust system, that has no sensors on it, it can be taken out and ran without it, if it were to plug up. Another thing is the universal quick detach front end, I have a snow box, forks and a bucket for mine. Any brand of attachment will work, you not suck buying mount specific units....I don't have a ton of hours on mine yet, but no issues, I got the 5570 as I have some CRP to mow, don't get too small of a tractor, unless you have to trailer it..oh and don't get ANYTHING that doesn't have front wheel assist. To buy a 2wd tractor in this day in age is the pinnacle of ignorance.

Only complaint I have is the hydraulic pump is slower than I'm used to. My old Ford 4000 has a monster gpm pump that runs 1.5 times and fast as the new 5570.

From: Fuzz
We bought a 35 hp Branson a few years ago. They are built very solid and I have no complaints. Quick detach front is a must have on any tractor! Used it a lot with my 6' tiller and it doesn't labor at all.

From: Fuzz
We bought a 35 hp Branson a few years ago. They are built very solid and I have no complaints. Quick detach front is a must have on any tractor! Used it a lot with my 6' tiller and it doesn't labor at all.

From: maxracx
I am interested to hear comments as well. I am looking at the Massey Ferguson 1735M or 1740M. The new 1700M series does not have the regen systems mentioned above. No expensive filters to change out. I agree having a servicing dealer close by is a huge plus. I am torn about the 35 hp or 40hp. The 40 is $2K more for just 5 extra horse. I am leaning towards the 40hp.

From: milnrick
I bought a 35 hp Branson 4wd with bucket, Bush hog and auger. Very pleased so far.

The warranty is pretty bullet proof.

From: Tennhunter
I have 75 hp cab Mahindra and also have a 65 hp Branson both of which I use to put up hay and food plots Branson has a Cummins engine and can buy filters and such at any auto parts store but no dealer close by and the Mahindra I bought because less than 10 mi from farm is the dealer. I personally wouldn’t buy anything smaller than 50 hp if you plan on doin anything other than mowing on flat ground.

From: Shawn
Owned both a 60 horse Mahindra and 40 horse New Holland. The Mahindra is a great tractor for the money or any money. No issues with either tractor. I would definitely buy another Mahindra. Shawn

From: Habitat
I have had my Mahindra for about 7 years or so.It's an ok tractor,not a great one and I have had a couple issues.Day I got it delivered had a manufacturing crack and leaking fluid.I have broke a couple mounts and had issue with changing filters.Ordering parts not always easy even from dealer.I have though many times about I should get a older JD or Massey for half the price something that parts and dealers are easy to come by.

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