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From: Bowriter
Switched my card over today. Very easy, hassle free and it worked. Now let's see how long it takes for them to screw up.

From: yooper89
I have zero intention of using my Cabela's card once the switch hits. I haven't touched it in a year, though, so I guess not much will change.

From: Dale06
I have had a Cabela’s black card for many years. I charge $25-40,000 annual. And I pay it off every month. Doubt I will activate my cabelas master card.

From: kota-man
I have the Cabelas Black as well. Not planning on activating the new card either.

From: Scoot
Im playing off my next bill in full and dumping it. Not a good fit for me anymore and really I should have done it a few years ago.

From: Rob in VT
Not activating mine either. Switched to Amazon Visa. Actually buy more stuff there than Cabelas.

From: Ogoki
I also have a Cabelas Black Card that I use for my business. Not activating new card either. Will use my card from bank i deal with. Cabelas is too high anyway. I was a loyal Cabelas customer for years but time to move on . Too many issues with them in last couple years . They are too high also. My bank card gives half percent higher return and I can use it on my card bill. Always pay my balance off each month. I am a collector and not into paying interest .

From: safari
Help me. What am I missing. What has changed that everyone is bailing on the new card?

From: Jaquomo
I'm pissed because I have EVERYTHING set up on auto-pay on the Cabelas Black card. I've been a Cabelas card holder ever since they came out with it. Now I have to go in and manually change everything for every bill for two houses ...just because Bass Pro negotiated a better deal through Mastercard? But I don't see them offering me any better deals or perks for the hassles involved. My time is worth money too.

Cabelas gives 1% back on Cabelas stuff. I rarely buy anything from them anymore so I have to look for ways to spend the points. There are plenty of other cards with no annual fee that offer more cash back, which can be used at Cabelas or anywhere else. So I'm cutting it up and switching all my auto-pays to a better option.

From: Huntcell
There changing mine from a Visa to a MasterCard, Visa is accepted more places than MasterCard. I rarely use the Cabelas card anymore just enough to keep it active as Capital One gives 1.5% back and Fidelity 2% . I will do the switch and keep Cabela Bass pro new card as over the years my credit limit is over 40k. I thinking canceling it could have an affect on my 825 credit score. Which affects insurances rates, short term interest rates, job opportunities and other stuff versus having a lower credit score .

So you may be better off just letting it ride into the new version and not useing it much versus cancelling it.

From: tobywon
X2 safari, trying to figure it out myself to determine what I'm going to do.

I just keep that card as a back-up in case my main Visa card gets hacked and I have to wait for a new one. It’s a good idea to have a back-up.

From: Olink
Bass Pro has in short order totally ruined my local Cabelas, which is why I won't be using the Cabelas card anymore. I switched over to the Citi Double Cash card, 2% back on everything. I'll probably activate the new card when it arrives, but it will sit in a drawer.

From: grubby
I got a call from cabelas fraud protection Saturday night, had about $750 in new charges run up that day even though I hadn't used the card in months. Pretty cool that they caught it and makes me wonder how they do, these charges were all at stores in my state, nothing out of the ordinary.

From: hardcore247
I didn't like the fact that they make you re-earn your black status. Got a Capital one venture card on the way and only going to keep the BP/Cabelas card for a backup.

From: Ironbow
What are others switching to?

I'll activate mine and continue to use it. In this day, where big box stores are disappearing, it's nice to have a place to take kids that still get excited by seeing animal mounts, displays, and a great outdoors theme. I understand you can get stuff quicker, cheaper, and faster on Amazon and Ebay, but it lacks the personal experience of walking into a BassPro or Cabelas. Instead of choosing to abandon one of the last bastions that present hunters, anglers, and outdoorsman in a positive light (especially to non-hunters), I will continue to support them. I use my card to pay bills, gas, groceries, etc, and earn points that I can always use on something.

From: tobywon
So the main problem or complaint that I am reading about here is the switch from Visa to MasterCard. Other than that, I just don't see the main reason, so maybe I'm missing something. I'm still on my Cabela's Black card at the moment. I can see if they went from giving you 2% on purchases and lowering to 1% with the change, then I can see the reason to change. But I have read here and on other posts people saying they cant find anything they would want there anymore or other cards give higher points, etc. That is fine, but I still ask what is it that is different that are making people drop it. FYI, my wife and I have been discussing a change just because we can get cash back or higher % elsewhere, but not because we don't like the card. Just trying to understand the logic. I just got the letter and will have to read up on it, but figured a bit of intel from other may help.

I have been Black for quiet a few years now and I went into the local Cabela's and spent all my points last month~~ that was fun! haha

I happened to have a refund come from a completely different purchase and now they want me to register under the new Card and I won't do it as I have already gone to A-Prime Visa and Do Not want to activate the new Cabela's card.

I called yesterday on how much my credit balance was and she told me and suggested that I go into the local store and spend it that way to clear my acct. out for good.

But bring my card and use it to purchase.

Good luck, Robb

From: midwest
Ironbow, citi double cash pays 2% cash back you can spend anywhere. Chase freedom pays back 1.5%. Shop around and you can make the sign up bonuses work for you.

From: Bowriter
Have used mine a couple times since I switched. Get my meds via ExpressScripts and they are on auto pay. No problem with the switch at all. Have had the black card for several years, could see no reason not to switch and when it was so easy, I wondered what all the fuss was about. I only carry one card. I no longer travel much or for that matter, buy a great deal. I use it here at home for gas etc. Get a couple hundred n points each year, like the idea BP now honors them. I think I need a new spinning reel.

Good to hear, John. Double check with ExpressScripts to make sure they're sending you the right meds. I know a guy here on Bowsite that used to post some pretty good stuff, but seems like he might be a little off right now. Talking about weather skanks, missing pegs, bra trees, and such.

From: Rut Nut
..............................and point restrictions are NOT biologically sound! LOL! ;-)

Tried to get online to get a copy of a previous paid bill. Had trouble getting new connections hooked up. If you use the phone system you can never talk to a human. Spent 3 hours on this and now might get a copy in 10 days. I was always able to talk with a helpful human when it was Cabela’s visa. I will be putting my new basspro card away and use an alternative.

From: JD
Called to check my balance today and was transferred to a rep concerning a fraud alert restriction on my account!

Cleared that up (it was a legit transaction) but asked the rep - from his accent he wasn't from these here parts - why I wasn't notified of the fraud alert. He said I has to sign up for an online account through Capital One for the new Mastercard. When I told him I hadn't received that yet it kinda threw him off balance.

Problem #4 so far with Capital One and I am so done with them...

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