Has anyone noticed an uptick in scrapes
Whitetail Deer
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Polk40 08-Oct-18
rallison 08-Oct-18
JTV 08-Oct-18
r-man 08-Oct-18
Habitat 09-Oct-18
jmiller 10-Oct-18
From: Polk40
Noticed a line of scrapes around two weeks ago and felt it may be kinda of early. Newer to hunting in the west central area of Wisconsin. Originally hunted in northern Minnesota and don’t remember this happening so early. Wondering what else anyone is seeing. Also have been seeing smaller bucks fighting on cameras assuming they are just mocking/practicing.

From: rallison
I've always seen early scrapes here in south-central Wisconsin. Pretty common.

From: JTV
always scrapes this time of year, mostly done a night... this is when the young guys do boundry scrapes ..

From: r-man

r-man's embedded Photo
r-man's embedded Photo
I see new ones every day , and caught a buck chasing a doe the other day , I am in SC . He did not provide me a shot though , but did pause for the pic, I was 60yrds away watching the action , a second smaller 6pt trailed them

From: Habitat
I rarely see a scrape or rub on my place in SC kansas.I will find a couple every year but nothing like just a few miles away

From: jmiller
Scrapes start showing up in my area of North Dakota in late September

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