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From: Jpayne
How many choose not to hunt because you know if you make a bad hit or have a long track that you will either have to call in or be a miserable tired wreck from the night before tracking. I have done it and killed deer. sometimes I'm up till at least midnight tracking, gutting dragging, hanging and skinning. One time I remember having to go out the next morning to track and I had to pack the deer with ice for the next two days while I was at work. I guess if I know I have something important at work in the morning I'll skip. Other than that I'll go and be really selective in my shots. Jeff

Its all weather related for me. I can get the meat in a state to cool quickly. So, if temps allow for meat to hang until the next evening, i go.

From: Pyrannah
I hunt when I can, don’t have enough time to be selective, if I can go, I go

From: drycreek
The only way I'll shoot late is if it's a slam dunk. I usually leave when it first starts getting dark because I normally hunt from a blind and can't see my pins as late as if I were in a tree. Nothing that won't keep until another day anyway. I'd rather pass than make a bad shot.

From: South Farm
Let's just say I've called in "sick" more than once..

From: SBH
Hunt whenever I can and pay the price the next day if something gets killed.

From: Hh76
A big part of responsibility is planning/thinking ahead. If I absolutely have to be at work the next morning, I don't shoot. If I have an option, I may shoot, but only if it's worth the hassle.

If I'm hunting, I'm shooting. I've had to leave and not come back until midnight or 1 AM because of a marginal shot. Trail until daylight or time for work, then back that evening to keep trailing. I don't shoot many does, if any so if I was just shooting does I may be more selective. But to have a buck come by that I am trying to kill, I'm shooting 100% of the time because 99% of the time it's the only time I'll see him during legal hunting hours.

This is why I am self employed!!!

From: APauls
Cross that bridge when I get there!

From: stagetek
Simply has to be worth the hassle. Time restraints and bowhunting are tough. I hunt by myself often, so whatever needs to be done, I need to do it. Usually makes it an easy decision.

From: rallison
I'm now retired, but I honestly don't believe I ever called in sick. However, there were many days at work where my @$$ was dragging pretty good! :^)

From: KsRancher
I never worried about school nights. I would hunt them like any other night. I would even go out for real short hunts before school. I would take extra clothes and just change into them for school. Hunts usually weren't very long. But I was hunting. Only shot one on a morning hunt. Ended up a few hours late.

Ha!! A couple of years ago, I had backed my truck up in the parking lot against the building at work. Pretty much in the middle of the Chicago Metro area. I was breaking down a deer on my hitch-n-haul by headlamp, trying to beat the dawn. Then trying to rinse down any of the blood on the asphalt and some drips from my cooler on the floor in the back of the building. Around here, someone sees blood in a parking lot or on the floor in a back room... They don't think "deer".

Sometimes time gets tight and you just do the best you can.

From: TrapperKayak
I never choose not to hunt. Someone else who makes the honeydo list does that for me. ;)

I have plenty of vacation and sick time, BUT... it's only gonna be used for a big buck. I try to only shoot does on morning hunts. Pigs, I'm slinging arrows at any time of day.

From: olebuck
i have a blood tracking dog, and i often get calls from people to come help them recover there game. I was out last night untill almost midnight. it gets old, but its worth it when you find them!

From: Franzen
This is why I like having a meat locker with an accessible walk-in cooler reasonably close. I always take my deer there so I don't have to worry about these things. If a tracking job takes me into the next morning, I guess I will be late for work. Most of my hunts, I'm not killing anything, so why not go? I like to hunt, not just kill stuff.

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