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Sitka Dealers on here?
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McCree 09-Oct-18
Scoot 09-Oct-18
kota-man 09-Oct-18
Shaft2Long 09-Oct-18
Bowfreak 09-Oct-18
McCree 10-Oct-18
From: McCree
Any Sitka dealers on here? I may be interested in something and would rather support one of our own than a large box store.

From: Scoot
Talk to smarba (Carl Abrams). Carl is not only a great guy, he's really good to do business with and will take great care of you. Plus, he contributes a lot to Bowsite, which makes him an even better guy! :)

From: kota-man
Smarba is your man!

From: Shaft2Long
Yep, smarba is who I was going to suggest but others beat me to it.

From: Bowfreak
That's exactly who I thought of and didn't know if he was a dealer for Sitka or not. I bought some Day One camo from him years ago and he was great to do business with.

From: McCree
Thanks everyone!

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