Daikon Radish
Whitetail Deer
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From: jf
The farmer who farms my ground is going to use daikon radishes for a cover crop this winter. How well will the deer use daikon radishes as a food source?

From: Mark Watkins

After having overseeded (into beans) and planted straight brassica plots for 6 years, my first reaction is certainly a positive!

Deer are browsers and like variety. Sometimes it takes a year or two for deer to "really hit" a new food crop in their area.

Let us know how it turns out!


From: MK111
It took 1-2 yrs for the deer to just pound my radish-turnip plot. IMHO it takes deer awhile to learn to eat a new plant.

From: grubby
radishes have been my best food plot both in deer consumption and In growth.

From: jingalls
I mix radishes in with my turnips and the deer pound them early and then late winter they will dig up th tubers and eat them.

From: Mac5
My farmer did the same exact thing this year......He planted winter wheat after he harvested the beans last year, then planted Radish's as a cover crop after he harvested the wheat....I was very skeptical at first, but am very please to see how the deer have taken a liking to them! Last night I watched 7 bucks and 14 does walk across 5 acres of food plot, to go eat on the radish field!

From: fshafly2
Although the whiteoaks are dropping big time around here in So MD, deer still are browsing my radish/rape plots. -fsh

From: drycreek
I got a few radish seeds mixed in something else and they were eaten immediately and down to the ground. I had to use google to even figure out what they were. I planned on planting some this year but forgot.........:-(

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