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Magnus Black Hornet
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Does anyone have any feed back on the Magnus Black Hornet? Thinking about trying them next year.

From: craig@work
This will be my 3rd year using them. I use the 125 ser razor. Flight is excellent, same as my field tips and does an amazing amount of damage. I switched to these from slick tricks(which I love too). Can’t beat the warranty and customer service. My only gripe is the way the bleeders go in is a pain to reassemble after sharpening-usually takes a couple tries to get back to no wobbling. These are better than Magnus other 4 blade offerings in my opinion. Oh, I am not affiliated with Magnus in any way. Just good products.


From: bighorn
Switched to Magnus Black Hornets from slick tricks which are great heads. No complaints fly great. And like mentioned warranty and customer service is great.

From: Franklin
Same here....super accurate and built like a tank.

GREAT head.......awesome blood trails too!

From: varmint101
Got them to try this year so haven’t had any hunts yet with them. From shooting they are accurate out of my bow and disassemble and sharpened up well. I got the 100g ser-razor to try. I also shoot Slick Trick standard and mags and they fly great and perform great on game.

From: Bou'bound
just picked up a pack and they are impressive and very tough

I'm on my third season killed 3 deer so far. If you can't resharpen and use them again send them back and they will replace them. They fly through deer non stop.

From: Bou'bound
Is flight comparable to the stingers

From: 12yards
Is there any feedback on the cut angle of the bleeders? Seems like a deterrent to penetration.

From: craig@work
They fly better than stingers for me. And no the angle of bleeders has not inhibited penetration for me.

From: carcus
Make sure you get the newest version, the originals have a issue with the tip bending

From: SixLomaz
Fake news folks ... fake news. It is the heavy bone rushed shot placement causing the damage not the broadhead. Patience will help keep your tackle intact.

From: PeteO

I've shot stingers for the nearly a decade before going to the black hornets last year. As far as whitetail goes i dont see any reason to use a different fixed blade head. They fly great out of a well tuned bow; no different than the stingers imo and are solid heads. I've taken over a dozen whitetails with them here in IL and all but 1 were complete pass throughs; the non pass through was on a big bodied, mature buck on 11/6 that hit the near shoulder blade and still buried up to the arrow wrap.

++lifetime warranty and made in the US.

From: Jagerrand
I shot them this year. Seem to fly well, I shot a nice buck, pass thru, great blood trail. The arrow was recovered and looks like it just came out of the package.

From: Rob5589
Have worked well for me. Very sharp, no spin issues, fly great to 80 yds. The two deer I have killed with them were both pass-thru with great blood trails. I have damaged two of them; one bent the ferrule on a miss and hit some rock, and one chipped up the main blade on a pass thru that buried in some rough soil. Magnus replaced them both no questions asked.

From: Candor
For you guys who switched from Stingers (or like the Black Hornet better), why did you switch? I have not bought any Stingers in 3 or 4 years because I have such a stock of them, but they used to not be razor sharp when received.

I switched simply because i wanted to try something new while still using Magnus broadheads; i also wanted to see how the shorter, wider head performed. I wont be going back at this point; the black hornets are excellent.

From: DEC
The Black Hornets (and Ser-Razors) fly great and leave massive wound channels with great blood trails. I was a Buzzcut guy through and through. I have been hunting with the Black Hornets and Ser-Razors since early prototypes were being tested. They are a devastating head.

From: Kodiak

Kodiak  's embedded Photo
Kodiak  's embedded Photo
Good looking head.

From: Rancher
They are a great head,fly well and cut a big hole.Made in Great Bend Kansas,and the send it back guarantee is a no brainer.What is not to like?

From: RJ Hunt
I have not used the Hornets but have been using the two blade buzzcut. I can not say more good things about their products ( I also have no affiliation). Deer, elk and cougar all bleed out fast. Most have died in sight. Shoot one and bend it, send it in and you will get new ones. Most just need a re hone with a light strop and are hair popping sharp again and back in the quiver. You just can’t beat the simplicity and lethality of the design. The black hornet will Be next on my list to try also.

Love them!!! Tough and razor sharp out of package

From: Bou'bound
as compact as these things are they likely fly like field points. certainly minimal surface area for such a tough head

From: crosscut

crosscut 's embedded Photo
crosscut 's embedded Photo
Shot a nice 6 x 6 bull elk. Went 48 yards and piled up. Have no problems with light out of 70 yards.

From: Bou'bound
How does the short stout more blocky profile compare advantageously performancewise to the longer more tapered profile of the stinger

From: boothill
Bou I switched to the 100gr Ser Razr from the Buzzcuts and to me they fly quieter but I think I’ve lost a bit of penetration. That being said my last 2 bucks shot from same tree fell within 15 yards from each other. Neither went over 35 yards and went down in sight. But neither was a pass through either. Both shots were less than 25 yards.

From: Bou'bound
Bleeder blade angle very strange. Not an issue though apparently?

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