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Magnus Black Hornet
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wisconsinteacher 11-Oct-18
craig@work 11-Oct-18
bighorn 11-Oct-18
Franklin 11-Oct-18
BOHNTR 12-Oct-18
varmint101 12-Oct-18
Bou'bound 16-Nov-18
Does anyone have any feed back on the Magnus Black Hornet? Thinking about trying them next year.

From: craig@work
This will be my 3rd year using them. I use the 125 ser razor. Flight is excellent, same as my field tips and does an amazing amount of damage. I switched to these from slick tricks(which I love too). Can’t beat the warranty and customer service. My only gripe is the way the bleeders go in is a pain to reassemble after sharpening-usually takes a couple tries to get back to no wobbling. These are better than Magnus other 4 blade offerings in my opinion. Oh, I am not affiliated with Magnus in any way. Just good products.


From: bighorn
Switched to Magnus Black Hornets from slick tricks which are great heads. No complaints fly great. And like mentioned warranty and customer service is great.

From: Franklin
Same here....super accurate and built like a tank.

GREAT head.......awesome blood trails too!

From: varmint101
Got them to try this year so haven’t had any hunts yet with them. From shooting they are accurate out of my bow and disassemble and sharpened up well. I got the 100g ser-razor to try. I also shoot Slick Trick standard and mags and they fly great and perform great on game.

From: Bou'bound
just picked up a pack and they are impressive and very tough

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