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njbuck 11-Oct-18
BULELK1 12-Oct-18
Rackmastr 12-Oct-18
Trial153 12-Oct-18
Jim in PA 12-Oct-18
keepemsharp 12-Oct-18
Jim in PA 12-Oct-18
NvaGvUp 16-Oct-18
From: njbuck
I just received the 2018 Election Nominees. Can anyone give me some more information into each person than was provided? Thank you.

If I have any questions, I normally reach out to Nva…..

I've known Glen Landrus for years and he has always been up front and honest.

Good luck, Robb

From: Rackmastr
Havent got mine up in Canada yet but looking forward to seeing who is on the ballot this year.

From: Trial153
Received mine as well.The first thing I thought after reading the bios we that we are very fortunate individuals to have such a great group of individuals working on behalf of wild sheep and our organization.

From: Jim in PA
Trial153, You can say that again! I am currently on the board serving as vice Chairman. Since our current Chairman is also up for re-election I had the pleasure of chairing the Director Evaluation Committee. The recurring thought that went though my head was "Thank God I am not running this year". This is an awesome slate of candidates!

From: keepemsharp
What is WSF?

From: Jim in PA

Jim in PA's Link
Wild Sheep Foundation

From: NvaGvUp
I have some thoughts on the election, but it would not be appropriate to share them on a public forum.

Call me or PM me if you'd like my input.


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