Gary Cooper of slick trick broadheads
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I recently seen that Gary Cooper ( OldHootOwl ) had passed in 2013. Does anyone know how or what happened ?

From: sticksender

"We here at SLICK TRICK are sad and deeply grieved to inform you of the passing of Gary Cooper the designer and owner of SLICK TRICK broadheads on Friday, September 6, 2013. Gary had been ill for some time and his body finally gave out. Gary’s legacy will forever live on in his revolutionary super short broadhead design."

I sure miss those threads between him and the Magnus boys.

From: Buffalo1
When I was getting ready to go to Africa the first time I called and talked to Gary. My conversation with him was like we had known each other for years. We talked close to an hour and he made his recommendation on ST Standard heads and “why” he was recommending that particular model. I will never forget his kindness, his personal attention and his concern for a successful hunt.

When I first saw a Slick Trick I somewhat questioned its effectiveness, but when I saw the devestation, I believed in the head. I have since killed all kinds of critters with the ST Standard since.

I thought about Gary the other day with BPM’s mammoth moose. Small in size, but delivers big results.

Gary lived a legacy that others could immulate to be successful.

From: Highlife
My wife and I had a great time sharing a hog hunt with him. The look on his face when Brenda asked him to sign her slick trick hat was priceless. A true generous and humble man.

From: Trial153
Gary a was good guy, quite opinionated but good.

From: Mark Watkins
Gary was the real deal!


From: JTV
I miss his comments, I was using Slicks before they became popular .. one of the best heads going ...

From: Highlife
Definitely scary sharp. Still have the ones he gave us

From: carcus
I totally remember his posts on bowsite and AT, great broadheads

From: smarba
He was a great guy and arguably steered the course of the "modern" fixed blade broadhead. Love my Tricks. I haven't see ANY quality change since his passing and Tricks still fill my quiver, but he is missed.

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