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The further south the dumber the elk?
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TEmbry 14-Oct-18
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Genesis 14-Oct-18
IKE220 14-Oct-18
I have kind of experienced it and heard it from a few others from Montana ...Wyoming....Colorado....that when they head to NM and AZ the Elk are less spooky and "dumber"

Any thoughts????

From: Trial153
Forget north and south. Its direct correlation to tag availability.

From: del_binari
Apex predator density.

From: dirtclod Az.
You find a dumb Elk in Az. saddle up and ride it to my door!

From: Olink
I always felt that whitetails got dumber the further west you went... as already mentioned it is probably directly related to hunting pressure an overall human interaction.

It's just pressure.

From: Norseman

Norseman's Link

Goes for outdoor writers too

From: WapitiBob
They're not dumber but Elk in NM and AZ react a whole lot different than Elk in eastern Oregon. The Elk we hunted this year in WY were on par with those southern Elk as well. Can't tell you why it is, but I would guess it has to do with getting shot at. A 250 Bull in Oregon will be running for his life and in those three states they just walk off. The first Bull we called in (310 ish) in WY just walked off. We moved a cpl hundred yards and called in two more. My AZ hunt and the half dozen I've done in NM had the same reactions, in OR they would have hauled ass for a mile.

From: Mulehorn
Lol, go elk hunting and then let’s talk.

From: AZrecurve
Wow, I’m either doing something wrong, or, I’m actually dumber than an elk. :(

From: Matt
That is what you will get for listening to Montanans. ;-)

From: GF
I’m definitely dumber than an Elk.

From: Ermine
I wouldn’t say dumber. But I could See when there may be less pressure hunting wise and no wolves and grizzly etc

From: TD
Doe elk hunters get smarter the further south they go?

From: Jims
Try hunting OTC units in Colo and compare elk to premier units in the NW corner of Colo. The elk may be older in the NW corner limited units but they are definitely "dumber" than the immediately adjacent OTC units.

It's not just the Elk... LMAO! ;-)

From: Dyjack
It's definitely pressure related. I know a lot of people who think this way. Then the elk aren't so dumb when they get that NM tag they always wanted then walk away with soup, or a spike.

Of course animals in highly managed states and units are less weary. Take it to the next extreme. National parks or any place they aren’t hunted at all vs. a highly pressured OTC Colorado Unit where they act more like pressured whitetails. Their Silent and never come out in the open. I don’t think it’s a surprise at all. Of course they are not stupid. That is insulting to the animal and is just trying to piss off NM and AZ hunters:)

From: DL
Pressure and bull to cow ratio play a big part. If you have a high bull to cow ratio Bulls can get desperate when rutted up if there’s slim cow pickins.

From: ElkNut1
Lots of hunting pressure = Smart/Educated Elk --- Very little hunting pressure = Easier to call/hunt elk.

This is why LE Elk Units are in a higher demand no matter what western state or other that has introduced elk. Pressure is Pressure no matter where! Little to no Pressure & you'll find they are much less wary & come to calls much easier!


From: TEmbry
Our elk are the Einstein’s of the Wapiti world...

From: TXHunter
Banff Canada is pretty far north and those town and golf course elk there seem pretty dumb.....

North/south doesn’t have anything to do with it. It’s a silly proposition.

From: Genesis
We say the opposite regarding whitetails so the grass is always greener I guess

From: IKE220
dirtclod..LMAO..I'm not picky I'd shoot a dumb one.

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