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Boots for $100 or less?
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nijimasu 13-Oct-18
Bou'bound 14-Oct-18
Buskill 14-Oct-18
Scrappy 14-Oct-18
PAbowhunter1064 14-Oct-18
Abndoc 14-Oct-18
Lost Arra 14-Oct-18
Inshart 14-Oct-18
bad karma 14-Oct-18
RogBow 14-Oct-18
Trial153 14-Oct-18
Thebionicman 14-Oct-18
Drop Tine 14-Oct-18
WapitiBob 14-Oct-18
Heat 14-Oct-18
ChasingFAHL 14-Oct-18
ohiohunter 15-Oct-18
Outdoorsman 15-Oct-18
ohiohunter 15-Oct-18
APauls 15-Oct-18
stagetek 15-Oct-18
From: nijimasu
10 years ago I flew into Arizona for an elk hunt and forgot my boots. I went to the nearest sporting goods store and purchased some sturdy Lacrosse workboots for $60.

Those things have been up and down every mountain in Idaho, and made several return trips to AZ. Sadly tough, I think they may finally be burning out. I need to buy replacements, but I can't find anything that looks all that sturdy unless I bump up into the 2-300$ range, and frankly, that's not in my budget. Is there a boot you guys could recommend for elk/deer/pheasant hunting/backpacking that's $100-ish or less? Or do I need to skip lunches for the winter and save my pennies?

From: Bou'bound
Anything not rocky will give you your monies worth

From: Buskill
Just did a quick search . Wolverine King Caribou boots are 99$ on sale at bass pro right now . I have no idea if they are good boots or not .

From: Scrappy

Scrappy's Link
I think you're best bet will be looking for a sale or a coupon to help you find a better boot. I have used in the past and I'm always getting discount codes for up to 40% off. I bought a pair of lowa Camino through them and returned them hassle free when the rand started coming off on the first time taking them out.

I'm a Wolverine guy.... really can't beat them for the price. I've had mine for seven years, and they haven't let me down yet. I did buy a set of the King Caribou that Buskill mentioned, but I don't wear them until late season. I like them, and I think you will too.

From: Abndoc
I have to ask- after many trips to Idaho and Arizona and you can’t afford 200 - 300 dollars on a good pair of boots?? Spend the money and save yourself a broken ankle.

From: Lost Arra
I gave some bargain boots and low hikers a try when I needed something for tractor work and mowing. They were surprisingly good and I have now used them for hunting too. Of course, the insoles were immediately replaced and some brands have terrible laces but otherwise they have worked fine. I looked on Sierra Trading Post and filtered boots and hikers based on price. (sign up with email and get more discount) I hate to recommend boot brands because everyone's foot is different but Hi-Tec's seem to be a decent low cost option. Good fit, good grip, good laces, terrible insoles. I don't have unrealistic expectations for the waterproof-ness but so far, so good and at $39 who cares?

Disclaimer: I own some high end boots and like them also. My feet are pretty generic and don't require special fit or features.

From: Inshart
Black Friday isn't that far away - I've made some purchases at 50% off, and more. Usually about first of November is when the "early" sales begin.

From: bad karma
Hit Sierra Trading Post and see if you can find a better boot in your price range. I can't buy boots online, but some can if you have a normal size.

From: RogBow
Camofire has deals as well, on the good stuff.

From: Trial153
I would save the 100 till it was 250...100 doesnt get much in the way of a quailty boot.

From: Thebionicman
Have you hit D and B supply? I picked up a pair of medium weight danners 3 years ago for $120. They are wearing very well and still keep out water. As many have said, watch for sales. The original price on these was 220.

From: Drop Tine
I like Keens, but your looking at about $140.00. I wear their steel toed hiker work shoes and wear them 12 hours a day and walk 5 to 7 miles in them each day and they hold up extremely well.

I also have their 6" hiker that I wear for upland hunts and again have held up.

From: WapitiBob
an outdoor store like big r will have lacrosse boots pretty cheap

From: Heat
Check REI outlet or whatever they call it. Bought a pair of Keen hikers for $70 or so that are very comfortable. Not sure they are the most durable boot I've owned, but they sure feel good on my feet. Have also bought boots at STP like a few have recommended above with good success.

From: ChasingFAHL
I have Lowa Renegade GTX mids and love them. Ive owned two pairs now and I gave $200 for mine but Ive seen them on for $150 lately!

From: ohiohunter
If you catch the Renegades at the right time they can be had for $100, may be an off color but heck they retail for $240!

From: Outdoorsman
Agree with Keens, usually run a little over 100, but the quality is great, in my experience.

From: ohiohunter
But truthfully I think the renegades and every keen I've handled lack the support needed for packing. I also think they are too flimsy for rocky terrain, thats my opinion and not everyone's feet are the same. I think you'll get way more boot life and needed support out of a sturdier boot, which typically drives the price up. Shop smart and you can save quite a bit of $$$.

From: APauls
What do guys always say they spend money on? Optics, pack, boots.

From: stagetek
If you're really just shopping price, check out the Sportsmans Guide. No idea what is good or bad, but they have boots for under $75.

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