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Wac Em 125 grain heads
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Ironbow 17-Oct-18
nmwapiti 17-Oct-18
Bowfreak 17-Oct-18
BOHNTR 17-Oct-18
Ironbow-cell 17-Oct-18
From: Ironbow
Looking for Wac Em 125 grain heads in the XL 3 blade and 4 blade standard. They have been discontinued and I have tried numerous sources looking for these. If anyone on Bowsite knows a source, I would appreciate it if you would let me know. Thanks!

From: nmwapiti
The deep six version is discontinued as well, but I can still find them online.

From: Bowfreak
They are owned by Ferradyne now. I bet the come out with better options. I listened to a podcast from the broadhead guy at Ferradyne. He hinted that there will be some new stuff from Wac em. It would be hard to improve on Wac em flight but their blade retention and toughness is less than average IMHO.

Their customers service has lacked since they were bought out. It's too bad, as they used to be a great company, IMO.

From: Ironbow-cell

If you can find them online a link would be appreciated. I am not having much luck.

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