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Arrow fletching question
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DMTJAGER 17-Oct-18
Dale06 17-Oct-18
Buffalo1 17-Oct-18
Was shooting some 340 spine arrows today that are from the same dozen but six were fletched using Flex Fletch 4.18's and Q2 Fusion X-II 3" shield cut vanes. The arrows with BHs weigh 435.4 grains for the FF/4.18s and 437.6 grains for the Q2's. Shot them both to 30 yards and they hit close enough as the difference was entirely negligible and could've been my fault as much as anything else. I was wondering if the fact the arrows were within less than 3 grains of each other is why they shot so close together despite having very different fletchings. Lastly Does anyone think once I move to 40 yards the although lighter arrow but larger FF/4.18 fletchings will result in slowing the arrow down and subsequently result in lower hits VS the Q2's?

From: Dale06
I really doubt that you’ll see a significant point of impact change between the two fletching say 40 yards.

I seriously doubt you'll see any difference even beyond 40 yards.. you might have a +/- 1 fps swing.. so POI should be minimal if any change

From: Buffalo1
I think you are straining at the gnat. Let her rip!!!

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