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would like brown bear information please
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flyingbrass 17-Oct-18
Dale06 17-Oct-18
Franklin 18-Oct-18
Nick Muche 18-Oct-18
DuckhunterBrad 18-Oct-18
Tradmike 19-Oct-18
Missouribreaks 19-Oct-18
Rock 19-Oct-18
Charlie Rehor 19-Oct-18
Treeline 19-Oct-18
Glunker 19-Oct-18
From: flyingbrass
I would like info please. I know its expensive and far out and years rotate. thanks,

From: Dale06
Sent u a pm

From: Franklin
Go to Nick Muche thread about Brown Bears.....scroll down til you see "Deathmoan".....send him a pm and see if he is still guiding for Brown Bear.

From: Nick Muche
MANY brown bear guides out there trying to sell you a hunt.

FEW brown bear guides out there actually produce....

Do your research and be realistic with your goals. Then....don't sacrifice your goals on day 4 of 15. ( replace 4 with 1,6,14...)


DuckhunterBrad 's embedded Photo
DuckhunterBrad 's embedded Photo
Contact Kelly Vrem. I went with them this spring. Incredible hunt

From: Tradmike
Contact Jonah Stewart. He will get u an archery brown bear.

I second Kelly Vrem, and his brother Tracy.

From: Rock
You will get lots of advice as to who to hunt with so take your time and figure out who fits your needs the best. I went with Pete Barela and had a good hunt, getting a good Bear, he could have shot it with his rifle after I shot it but held off as he could see it was hit good. Pete Barela Barela’s Alaskan Outfitters (907) 775-3833

Pete is a great guy excellent results and also does funny podcasts!

From: Treeline
Pete is solid.

Definitely do you research. Bow hunting big bears is a totally different game than killing them with guns. Make sure you get someone that is serious about doing what it take to kill one with a bow.

From: Glunker
Go with a legend, Karl Braendel, he own Nin Ridge Guides. His area is as good as it gets. He has guided over 100 big bear kills as of 20 years ago. Not sure where he is at now. He has the best stories I ever heard. I did his fall kodiak hunt, shot a bear, huge and the no. 1 sitka blacktail in a recording period.

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