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Why did muzzy quit making deep six tips?
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Hessticles 23-Oct-18
Jaquomo 23-Oct-18
wildwilderness 23-Oct-18
Pat Lefemine 24-Oct-18
hoytshooter1 24-Oct-18
From: Hessticles
Went to buy more broadheads and had a hard time finding them, heard muzzy isnt making deep six broadheads anymore. Anyone know why?

From: Jaquomo
Things changed after Rage bought the company.

I heard deep six has already peaked in popularity from the local shop owner. The arrows are here to stay but outserts are making them compatible with all standard tips.

From: Pat Lefemine
I have a bunch of them new in the case that I got by mistake. Pm me if you’d like to buy them at a steep discount.

From: hoytshooter1
I have some Trocars I would be willing to part with

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