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FB/BH and nock question
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craig@work 27-Oct-18
Thanks in no small part to the members here I have my bow shooting my fixed blade BH's and FP's within a few inches of each other out to 40 yards. I have two questions. First one is about my fixed blade 100 grain Wasp Boss SST broad heads. I did all my shooting using the 3 blade version and they are flying like lasers. About 2 or 3 years ago stumbled across a fantastic deal on the four blade version and thought WTH might as well give them a try. Well the 100 grain 4 blade version flies so close to the same point of impact at all distances as the VS the 3 blade that the difference is utterly negligible. My only question is does anyone know if a 4 blade broad head will penetrate significantly less due to the added resistance of the forth blade VS the 3 blade version of the otherwise same broad head? I'm shooting a 434 grain arrow at 272fps. I am of the opinion penetration is the most important factor in killing an animal with a arrow.

Second question is concerning nocks. I have two different types of Easton nocks one is noticeably tighter on the string than the other. The one that has a looser but more than adequately tight hold on my string are the ones I am using now. I haven't bothered trying any of the other tighter type out as its less than two weeks to my first hunt and I feel it unwise to risk experimenting with my set up now that it's dialed in. But I was wondering can a to tight of nock have a detrimental affect on your arrows accuracy? I know short answer is shoot some and find out, but it can not hurt to be for warned ahead of time. Thanks Art.

From: JTV
Yes, a overley tight nock can hurt accuracy

4 blades will cut more and do more damage over 3 blade of equal cutting dia. , at your speed and arrow weight, you wont have a problem .. ive shot 4 blades for many many years and prefer them over a 3 bld, all else being equal, penetration has never been an issue

From: Paul@thefort
" I am of the opinion penetration is the most important factor in killing an animal with an arrow".

Not to pick apart your post but....

While penetration is important, a Sharp BH and Proper Shot Placement is the number one factor in killing an animal at one's effective range.

From: Glunker
You are over thinking the 3 blade vs 4 blade issue regarding penetration. I did not know that could be a 4 blade version. Hope the offer it in a 125 gr. version.

From: midwest

Thanks for the link Midwest, excellent video explains nock tightness "ArthurProof simple", and thank you to others who replied. Paul no disrespect meant what so ever, but shot placement and a scary hair popping sharp broad heads are requirements that are pure common sense and the cornerstone basics of all successful archery hunts I felt need not be mentioned any more than one needs tell a rifle hunter to use expanding bullets suitable for deer and not solid non-expanding dangerous game and to confirm 100% their scopes properly sighted in if they desire a quick clean humane kill. Again no disrespect meant but I feel there are certain things any hunter above complete novice need not be told.

From: craig@work
The way I understand it is that a 3 blade cuts in 3 different planes of tissue where a 4 blade cuts in 2. I like my 4 blades.

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