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Indiana a Sleeper State?
Whitetail Deer
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BULELK1 26-Oct-18
Fuzz 26-Oct-18
PAbowhunter1064 26-Oct-18
craig@work 26-Oct-18
midwest 26-Oct-18
ki-ke 26-Oct-18
Rut Nut 26-Oct-18
W 26-Oct-18
Will 26-Oct-18
Scrappy 26-Oct-18
Wayniac 26-Oct-18
Copperhead 26-Oct-18
woodguy65 26-Oct-18
Bou'bound 26-Oct-18
pav 26-Oct-18
Hackbow 26-Oct-18
thedude 26-Oct-18
APauls 26-Oct-18
Bou'bound 26-Oct-18
Brotsky 26-Oct-18
Pat Lefemine 26-Oct-18
Meat Grinder 26-Oct-18
1boonr 28-Oct-18
Mule Power 28-Oct-18
Simple 28-Oct-18
WV Mountaineer 28-Oct-18
JTV 28-Oct-18

BULELK1's embedded Photo
BULELK1's embedded Photo
One of my guys from Indy text me and what a happy Bow Hunter!!


Good luck, Robb

From: Fuzz

He's totally long arming that buck! Holy smokes....what a beast! Hoosier daddy!!

From: craig@work
Photoshopped! Jk that thing is unbelievable. Amazing


From: midwest
man oh man, what a buck! Love double main beams.

From: ki-ke
Love the cauliflower ear....That thing ate fawns for sure. Should be an uptick in the deer population in that area next year...

From: Rut Nut

Now that is a whitetail, what a beast.

From: W
Yep. Cheap tags and good dirt.

From: Will
Wow! Big fella.

I dont think you can be a sleeper if you are level with Kentucky, west of eastern OH and east of western Nebraska. Everywhere else maybe could be a sleeper. Everything in that zone should be labeled: "PY is small". (I'm exaggerating for humor here :))

From: Scrappy
Now that's a hoss... I would say Indiana is not a sleeper state. The dnr there just chooses not to manage there deer herd for big bucks.

From: Wayniac
That is a pig!

From: Copperhead
Very nice. What's the story?

From: woodguy65

From: Bou'bound
Terrible management of the herd there. Three weekends of gun in rut. Rifles now legal. Three more muzzleloader weeks. Crazy.

From: pav
Indiana = Deer mismanagement.

We produce just enough big bucks to remind us what could be....

I would bet the vast majority of really big bucks killed in Indiana got that big either through limited pressure (such as a limited draw property) or private management efforts from dedicated property managers.

Congrats to the hunter....great deer!

From: Hackbow

Hackbow's embedded Photo
Another IN archery buck
Hackbow's embedded Photo
Another IN archery buck

From: thedude
It was about 10 years ago. Crossbows, rifles, horn porn, obscene amounts of tags and management dictated by farm and insurance companies wrecked a great deer hunt.

From: APauls
Dream buck right there.

From: Bou'bound
Is it pope and young eligible if you use a chipmunk mask to get within bow range?

From: Brotsky
I don't think it has 5" bases! Ha! What an amazing buck! Congrats to your buddy Robb, hopefully you're able to tag something like that next month!

From: Pat Lefemine
It can’t be worse than NY. Six weeks of rifle deer season starting in October and a two week bow deer season. Oh, and coyote season just started and runs until March.

From: Meat Grinder
Just a piece of trivia--I believe Indiana is still the only state to have produced 3 whitetail world records. Some combination of typical/non-typical, muzzleloader/handgun records.

Hope everyone has a safe and successful season.

From: 1boonr
There are areas in nearly every state that would lead someone to believe that the state is a Sleeper. But unless the whole state is good it’s not a sleeper. Certain areas might be but if you travel to one of these so called sleepers and don’t get into a good area you will want to go to sleep. Basking a state as a sleeper based on one giant buck killed would mean Tennessee is a sleeper which it is not. I hunt Indiana and my area is very good and the rifles have had no impact. You can only kill one buck here and the guys that were killin em before rifles are the same guys that are killin now.

From: Mule Power
A deer with droopy ears leaves lots of unanswered questions right? Lol

Awesome buck. But unless you’ve been sleeping Indiana was never a sleeper. I have friends living innthe southwest corner that kill monsters every year. But the key there is like many other great states..... they work on dairy farms and have 100s if not 1000s of acres of private land to hunt and they don’t wipe out the does or kill small bucks.

I’ve always wanted to hunt there. Can’t hunt them all though.

From: Simple
Agree with a lot of replies here. Fantastic hunting if you area is private and at least half way managed. If you have patience and discipline you can score on a good buck. Agree on that gun season is WAY to long. All my good bucks have come from private ground and in bow season before the orange army comes out. I still gun hunt when needed but am even more selective. Just don't seem fair. Love the up close and personal with a bow.

Mule Power X 2. It's been a big buck state.

From: JTV
only IF you can find them... our deer numbers are lower than ever, and buck kills down the last several years .. it aint what it used to be.... that is a nice deer however .. the DNR could do so much better when it comes to management, they are finally reducing the doe tags in some areas...since we went to being a one buck state for the most part, that has helped ..... south of Indy is still the best areas, Switzerland County and that region #1, but some nice bucks do come out of other counties ... Private land still reigns supreme, you can properly manage the land, and limit the if its brown its down crowd and grow some nice bucks .. having like minded neighbors is a huge plus too ..

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