Tight Spot Quivers
Wyoming points coming 2 a close
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Teeton 26-Oct-18
elkster 26-Oct-18
Franzen 26-Oct-18
Mule Power 26-Oct-18
Trial153 26-Oct-18
Handle 29-Oct-18
YZF-88 29-Oct-18
njbuck 29-Oct-18
prodefiant34 29-Oct-18
NoWiser 29-Oct-18
Brotsky 29-Oct-18
Charlie Rehor 29-Oct-18
ohiohunter 29-Oct-18
From: Teeton
Only a few more days to get your Wyoming points. I almost forgot !!! Ed

From: elkster
Thanks for the reminder, just bought them.

From: Franzen
They sent me a letter telling me I had some that were about to expire. Umm... sorry, that is by design.

From: Mule Power
Shush! Lol

From: Trial153
First year in 12 that I didnt put in for sheep and moose. I am out.

From: Handle
Hey! I have to give a couple of speeches about wildlife in the USA, but I think I will buy speeches now unless someone will give me some information about it.

From: YZF-88
I'm giving up on deer. Not worth it IMO. I'll cash out on elk/antelope very soon and be done with WY.

From: njbuck
Another year for Antelope, deer, elk and moose. I'm too damn stubborn to quit moose, sitting on 10 points I feel like I have too much invested even though I will never catch up. I cant wait to cash in on my elk points as I can draw whenever I want, I just have to fit it into my schedule.

From: prodefiant34
What's a good number of points to shoot for in WY before drawing?

From: NoWiser
As many as you have, plus 1 seems to be the magic number.

From: Brotsky
^^^He's right you know!

Thought it was July 1. ?? No?

From: ohiohunter
Ain't that the truth!

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