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Montana Cow Elk Decoy for Whitetails?
Whitetail Deer
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Rut Nut 26-Oct-18
Frankieg 26-Oct-18
From: Rut Nut
WHat do you think guys? I have never tried using decoys. I have a Montana Cow Elk decoy and got to thinking....................................wonder if it would work on a whitetail buck? I'm thinking it might just think it's a big doe? Especially if it has some doe pee on it.

From: Frankieg
Well I have one for hunting elk and one day this nice 4 point western count was coming up the trail where the decoy was .I was fully drawn thinking he was gonna appear at 20 yards but he turned off after seeing th decoy .that's my story never seen the buck again. Although the elk skirted the decoy this year too. I may have to put it in a different location.

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