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From: midwest
64 bears euthanized this year and the ARA's go nuts over a handful being hunted.

It's literally to the point that the only way to reduce the killing of bears that wander into places where they will cause trouble, is to allow hunting.

From: GF
What, you don’t like that lady’s suggestion that we just sterilize a few of them? Here - I’ll hold him down while you snip him...

From: drycreek
GF, I would be on board with sterilization, IF the antis would perform the procedure and video !

The stupidity and ignorance of some people is unbelievable based on the comments.

From: Nick Muche
There are bear problems in areas that allow hunting. Why on earth wouldn't there be bear problems where they are protected.

From: rallison
Reading many of the comments, I feel it's safe to say...the dumbing down of America is complete.

Possibly my fav? "Move excess humans back to the east coast and let the bears have Yellowstone. " A close 2nd? "Your more limely to be killed by a cow than a bear."

Abandon all hope yee who enter here.

From: Mule Power
I believe that the solution is the sterilization of anti hunters. You hold them down and I’ll be glad to snip them!

From: Treeline
Now that could be a lot of fun, Mule Power! Count me in:-)

From: Snag
Proof that when you remove humans from daily interaction with nature, the circle of life, living on or near farms and ranches they loose touch with reality. They live on FB and develop a warped since of reality. But long before this the “education system” gets ahold of them!

From: wooddamon1
"Jim Foster Wildlife knows No Boundaries. Before human interference, wildlife roamed freely where ever they please without fear of prostitution."

My favorite comment.

From: TD
Some take "how stupid can you be?" as a challenge.......

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