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stand down time after kill
Whitetail Deer
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From: mtnman54
how long would you expect to wait for deer to return to a stand after a kill?

From: GF
I shot a buck with my .54 and 110 grains of FFF. He went down in his tracks like a pile o’ bricks, so I didn’t bother to re-load... and his girlfriend was standing 15 yards away when I walked up to him.

So anywhere from no time at all to....

From: drycreek
There's a lot of moving parts in your question, but the answer is.....it depends. IMO, it has to do with individual deer personalities, whether some more deer were present when the kill took place, how much human presence after the kill, whether it was a lone buck or a doe group, etc. Lots of things that we don't know in your question.

All bets are off during the rut. I have killed a buck, hauled it out, and returned to the same stand. Good action immediately

I once gutted a doe where she fell which was right on a nice creek crossing that I had a camera on 60 yards from the stand I shot her from and left her guys and whatever scent I left behind then I had to leave for business for 3 days came back and I couldn't believe the activity on that camera!? The nicest buck i've seen on that property twice mid morning several smaller bucks and a bunch of does the buck was a wt but the others were a mixture of muleys and wt along with several Bobcats, 2 fighting. Several of the deer were smelling the gut pile? Never reenacted that but man I looked at the pics the other day and the movement was unreal?

From: Quailhunter
My dad killed a big heavy 7 point buck one morning and was waiting to go track it. While he was waiting a nice 8 came by and caught him off guard. He thought he might as well nock another arrow. Killed a big heavy 12 a few minutes later, filling both his tags here in Oklahoma.

I once shot a deer at daylight. It fell in sight and I was covered up with deer for the next two hours. The dead deer was only about 60 yards away and these deer ran and walked right past paying little attention. It was mid November.

From: Bowriter
Is no set time. Could be seven minutes, could be seven days, could be seven weeks.

From: Whip
My buddy killed a nice buck one evening and it dropped within sight of the stand. I sat there the next morning and watched a parade of deer walk up and look at that gut pile including a couple of huge bucks. Eventually a nice 8 point worked my way and I put an arrow through him.

From: Buck Watcher
3 years ago.

I shot a 8pt in the evening. My Brother shot a 9 point the next morning. That afternoon my buddy shot a 8pt.

3 bucks within 24 hours - all off the same stand.

From: Timbrhuntr
Yup shot a doe and she ran 30 yards and fell. While sitting for a moment after the shot I heard noise and a nice buck came down the trail and walked by her ! Couldn't kill him as only one tag either or lol

From: spike78
I’ve had deer sniff a gut pile I left in front of a cam. I’ve also shot deer with a muzzleloader and had other deer walk up to the dead deer right after. People give deer way too much credit for being an intelligent animal.

From: Zbone
Yep spike78, seen what I thought they were nibbling on a gut pile... Was too far away to determine what was actually going on but looked like to me they were nibbling... Actually seen it twice, two different years two different gut piles...

From: woodguy65
2 years ago I shot a doe at 8:00am, drove my truck to within 50 yards of my stand and gutted the doe within 60 yards of the stand (where she lay). I took her home - hung her, got something to eat, took a shower. Then went back to my farm (30 mins away), due to small farm and wind - I hunted the same stand. I was in the stand 15 minutes and shot a mature 11 point buck.

This was Illinois on November 6th, depending on time (month) and location it makes no difference.

Shot a coyote with a 7mm-08 that was chasing two does through a field and 5 minutes later the does came back feeding 30 yards away from the coyote

From: Fields
Anything is possible... we killed 3 buck, by 3 different hunters, in one stand, in under 8 hours one first day of rifle season.... no tracking, downhill drag away from where the deer came from, so other than a rifle shot, very little interruption of the area. With a bow, even less disruption, maybe.....

Saw one show qwhere a guys shot a buck and then another buck started trying to spar with him when he was on the ground

From: Franzen
I once put a bad shot on a doe (gut shot). She proceeded to run off, and then come back and bed about 35 yards from my stand. Usually the dead ones don't come back though.

Saw one show qwhere a guys shot a buck and then another buck started trying to spar with him when he was on the ground

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