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case for bow with quiver attached
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craig@work 28-Oct-18
Bou'bound 28-Oct-18
jstephens61 28-Oct-18
axle2axle 28-Oct-18
altitude sick 28-Oct-18
Sidekick 28-Oct-18
wolverine 28-Oct-18
Buck Watcher 29-Oct-18
From: craig@work
Looking for a new bow case. Preferably a hard side that will hold my decree with the quiver attached. Is skb my only option?


From: Bou'bound
it's your best option and by far most flexible

From: jstephens61
SKB double bow case with the divider removed. You can pack bow with quiver and a whole lot more gear.

SKB case that packs bow with quiver attached. My farm is two hours from home. Makes it real convenient to just pull the bow out and go. Very secure inside. I am very pleased with it.

I have their double case as well for taking two bows on long trips. It is not as good as keeping one bow with quiver attached secure IMO.


From: axle2axle
I use the SKB "double wide" and custom cut foam to surround my bow. Foam retailers are pretty easy to find where I live. Simply hot glue the foam in place inside the case. I've done the same thing using a Pelican case for my quad...although the Pelican case is bolted to the rear deck of the quad. Keeps my bow with quiver attached and loaded with arrows...dry, dust free, and not damaged while traveling on some serious terrain. Either case will do a good job protecting your bow, but would use the SKB for airline travel, etc. and the Pelican case for off road use. Kevin


altitude sick's embedded Photo
altitude sick's embedded Photo

From: Sidekick
Check out Lakewood cases in Suamico, WI. Better known for muskie tackle boxes but they also make very nice bow cases.

From: wolverine
X2 Lakewood

From: Buck Watcher
My bow with quiver attached fits a Plano SE. I don't think I would fly with it but for $30 it's good for everything else. Straps on the back of my ATV without issues.

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