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VS 1 estrus scent any good?????
Whitetail Deer
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Bou'bound 28-Oct-18
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From: Bou'bound
For $45 a stick it should be great but does anyone on the bowditechave any first hand experience with it?

Here is first hand Bou.

IMO, it depends on the deer. Some can’t be bothered and some at curious and walk right up to it.

I have not had a mature buck walk into investigate.

My experience.

Most just walk right on by.

From: LBshooter
I have a stick I got last year from gander when they went out of bus. I tried it with no luck, I will be using it this season again. My buddy swears by it but I am not sold on it, especially for 50 bucks. We will see what happens this year but I would buy special golden estrus before I'd spend 50 bucks on vs-1. I have had great results with special golden estrus.

It might stop them for a shot opportunity while smelling it out of curiosity. But so does $2 per gallon ammonia. Don’t waste your money.

From: JTV
ever calm aint bad .. I aint payin $45 for no deer scent ...

I'd give imitation vanilla extract a try first, WHOLE lot cheaper and much better smelling.

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