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Oklahoma rut started?
Whitetail Deer
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mtnman54 28-Oct-18
EmbryOklahoma 28-Oct-18
BigOk 28-Oct-18
midwest 28-Oct-18
live2hunt88 28-Oct-18
LINK 29-Oct-18
Brotsky 29-Oct-18
Habitat 29-Oct-18
drycreek 29-Oct-18
Bowhunter 29-Oct-18
MichaelArnette 29-Oct-18
From: mtnman54
headed to Oklahoma (Tulsa) for whitetails. Any rut activity?

Try the Oklahoma forum.

I've seen early chasing, but just pre-rut. The little guys doing their regular pushing around. It should hit hard and heavy the next few weeks. Just need colder weather.

From: BigOk
Same as Embry stated where I hunt SW of Tulsa area.

From: midwest
I heard in some parts its been over with for a couple weeks!


From: live2hunt88
Seen some chasing the last few days, its gettin there

From: LINK
No, rut doesn’t usually start until about the second week of November.

From: Brotsky
LOL beat me to it!

From: Habitat
Rut is when they are breeding and if breeding they will spend periods when locked down prerut is when they are chasing and that will be now till theres no does in heat

From: drycreek
In NE Texas, but this morning I saw a buck laying in a pasture in about 3" deep grass. His doe was in a patch of brush under a big tree about 15/20 yards away. I'm thinking she was probably close to being ready and he had been dogging her all night and they were tired. I stopped and watched him for five minutes or so, then continued on to my chore, which was to pull the defunct battery off my backhoe about two more miles down the road. Got the battery off and headed to town and he was still laying in the same spot and she was still in the brush.

From: Bowhunter
Rut is on in SE part of the state, Atoka Co. Been running hard on the ranch I'm on.

I think you can pretty much take this timeline to the bank down to the day. All good times to hunt just depends on what you are going for

October 25-31 buck movement and interest with occasional chasing bachelor groups begin break up. Scrape revisitation begins Nov 1-5 chasing and movement, scrapes will be hot Nov 6-20 full fledged rut bucks bouncing from doe to doe November 21-December 10th tapered rut (I think except for gun seasons this is the best time to be out after a truly big buck) Dec 10- post rut

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