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Your least fav bow
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Ucsdryder 28-Oct-18
Proline 28-Oct-18
Bou'bound 28-Oct-18
craig@work 28-Oct-18
Guardian hunter 28-Oct-18
BC173 28-Oct-18
mathewshooter 28-Oct-18
Buffalo1 28-Oct-18
PAOH 28-Oct-18
jdee 28-Oct-18
BOWUNTR 28-Oct-18
JTV 28-Oct-18
carcus 28-Oct-18
drycreek 28-Oct-18
Bake 28-Oct-18
shiloh 28-Oct-18
pa10point 28-Oct-18
Alzy 28-Oct-18
wkochevar 28-Oct-18
Urbncwby 28-Oct-18
RJ Hunt 28-Oct-18
wyobullshooter 28-Oct-18
Dale06 28-Oct-18
mtoomey 28-Oct-18
skookumjt 28-Oct-18
Kurt 28-Oct-18
M.Pauls 28-Oct-18
Screwball 28-Oct-18
Lee 28-Oct-18
Bloodtrail 28-Oct-18
Glunker 28-Oct-18
Smtn10PT 29-Oct-18
ELKMAN 29-Oct-18
ScottyC 29-Oct-18
Boatman71 29-Oct-18
Eric Vaillancourt 29-Oct-18
PECO 29-Oct-18
Alaska at heart 29-Oct-18
JohnMC 29-Oct-18
GLP 29-Oct-18
grubby 29-Oct-18
12yards 29-Oct-18
APauls 29-Oct-18
IdyllwildArcher 29-Oct-18
drycreek 29-Oct-18
Will 29-Oct-18
longspeak74 29-Oct-18
Bowriter 29-Oct-18
spike78 29-Oct-18
Ambush 29-Oct-18
bowhunter24 29-Oct-18
ground hunter 29-Oct-18
t-roy 29-Oct-18
Rickm 30-Oct-18
From: Ucsdryder
Let’s add to the previous thread. I’ll start. My last bow was my least favorite. Bowtech rpm360. It was so finicky with form and grip.

From: Proline
My son shoots a 360 and loves it....

From: Bou'bound
A 1986 golden eagle was a piece of crap

From: craig@work
CSS express. Was a impulse buy and hated it.

Hoyt Trykon

From: BC173
High Country Supreme. Shoot it one day, then put it in the press and work on it the next.

Z7 extreme. Nice bow but could not get comfortable with it

From: Buffalo1
Elite Impulse 31. We dated for 6 mos. but that was as serious as the relationship ever got. It was total non-Elite bow to me. Rough draw and not smooth at all. Plus, I had string stretch issue that caused string creep. It was fast, but that is all the good I can say for it.

Sold the bow so fast it never had a chance to say good-bye !!

From: PAOH
Matthews sq 32. Only has this bow for a month before I returned it. Did not like the draw cycle.

From: jdee
Mathews Z7 xtream couldn’t get rid of that bow fast enough .

Matthew's Conquest... I believe that certain bows have mojo... this one didn't. Ed F

From: JTV
Golden Eagle Formulas.... the one with the lift block as limb pockets.. had two blow up on me right at the grip ...

From: carcus
In recent times it would be my chillr, lasted a couple months, it really stood out as bad when i shot ut beside my experience, sold it and bought a rpm 360 which was so much better

From: drycreek
Mathews Drenlin. I could never shoot that bow as well as the ones before or the ones after.

From: Bake
Trykon was a timing nightmare and wouldn’t stay in tune for anything.

From: shiloh
Hoyt Havoc Tec

From: pa10point
z7 extreme. I will never own another mathews because of that bow

From: Alzy
Elite GT500. We never got along.

From: wkochevar
Z7...cable derailed on me twice!! final straw was on a caribou bull i had just spent 45 minutes stalking to within 20 yards of.....can't believe that bow isn't sitting on the bottom of a lake in Northern Quebec!!

From: Urbncwby
Mathews eZ7. I hated the top heavy feel.

From: RJ Hunt
Mathews Drenalin. Shot lights out til you put a broadhead on it. Could not hit a target 18” x 18” at 40 yards.

PSE FireFlite Express. I was at full draw when the riser failed at the grip. Sucker sounded like an ‘06 going off. Not only did the old braided wire cable slice my arm, the rest of the bow certainly lived up to the old saying...Pieces Scattered Everywhere!

From: Dale06
Interesting that Mathews Conquest and Drenalin showed up above. I had both of them and thought they were good bows. Different strokes.

From: mtoomey
Martin ML 10. It had hand shock like no other, and would jump out of your hand if you didn't have a death grip on it.

From: skookumjt
Hoyt super slam supreme.

From: Kurt
Hoyt Carbon Element. Hard to shoot in the field (at game) for me. Happy when I moved on from it.

From: M.Pauls
Z7 extreme I think. Was that the 28” ATA? Shoot I hated that thing. Bought it in a jam to finish a season, killed a nice 4x4 below my feet end of the season and sold it

From: Screwball
Back to the 80's, PSE Mach 1 and 2 Overdraw. Unbelievably erratic, and finicky. Blew up 3 of them, cracked my wrist on one. But man we were shooting 2419's at 80 pounds getting 324 ft. Then the next one was 312, then 317.

From: Lee
Mathews Z7!

From: Bloodtrail
Another vote for the Mathews Z7. Got tired of the bow jumping forward if you relaxed even the slightest. My shoulder hurts just thinking of it.

From: Glunker
Chastain recurve.

From: Smtn10PT
Mathews Creed. Whacked my forearm with it several times, had it jump out of my hand while aiming several times. Managed to kill an elk with it and sold it as soon as I got back from that trip.

Would have to be the Mathews slim limb bows. Horrible to tune. Or the new Triax. It's a toss up.

From: ScottyC
Mathews Creed.... Wanted to jump at full draw And Mathews DXT.... Hated them both equally Owned many Hoyts and was never disappointed in any of them.

From: Boatman71
Alpine Rebel TC - Steel cables, Hatchet cams, stupid fast back in the day but it vibrated so bad at the shot it literally ate any thing that was on it no matter what vibration dampener was installed. JUNK

Golden Eagle Formula 3D Browning Ballistic Mirage

From: PECO
PSE Dream Season, harsh draw, too narrow of a valley.

I briefly had a Fazio recurve that was a was the bowyer. After waiting 15 months with high anticipation, it came as such a letdown......8^(

Compound bow was the Athens R120......really wanted to like it but the cable guard system made a loud "Ping" sound that my son-in-law said reminded him of a Crossman pellet gun. Some other owners reported the cable guard froze up in cold weather as well. I traded that for a barely used G5/Prime that was a FAR better bow.

From: JohnMC
Anything from elite. Bows shoot fine. But the company is full of crap on their "forever" warranty. Had a limb split on a GT500. They came up with every excuse not to warranty it from just sand down the limbs to I must have dropped it not to replace the limbs.

From: GLP
PSE fire flight express Never blew up but would not shoot broadheads. And yes it did sound like a 06 had it maybe 6 months. Greg

From: grubby
Hoyt Smoke, in 2 years replaced limbs, limb pockets and 3 sets of strings. number 2 was a Hoyt Alpha Tec. No more hoyts here. Even though I blame the dealer more than the manufacturer.

From: 12yards
Me and the XTR Cam on my Maxxis 35 didn't like each other much. It's not that I shot it poorly, the draw cycle was hard on my shoulder.

From: APauls
Never had one :) But I don't buy many bows.

Hoyt Tykon XL... That bow was so damn heavy

Never felt like I shot my Z7 as well as my others. Mine also felt very jumpy.

I didn’t buy it because I shot it at the pro shop, but the z7 was the worst shooting bow I’ve ever shot. I shot 1 arrow and handed it back to the owner.

From: drycreek
Interesting to note that Mathews bows are high on the list, and Hoyts aren't far behind. I've had several, and all except the Drenalin were ok. I've liked every Elite I've ever owned.......

From: Will
I feel like I've enjoyed all the bow's I've owned, none really felt like clunkers. I loved my Pearson Renegade. Still have it. Probably scary to shoot now, but it was a bow I loved back in the day. Maybe the bow I liked the least, though didnt "not like" was a 1 year stint with a BowTech Guardian. Good bow. Buddy still shoots it (he bought it from me)... after leaving the shop, it just never felt quite right for me.

From: longspeak74
Mathews DXT...

From: Bowriter
Something called a Denali-They are out of business and should be. Many years ago. I got a lot of free in dozens. Most, were at the very least, serviceable. Now and then, a true piece of crap would come in. Unless a bow was deemed dangerous, I never knocked one, I just failed to give it a favorable review. I was sent a Parker, that I first thought was a toy. The first time I drew it, it "dissassembled" in my hands. Over the years, I probably shot and evaluated close to 150 bows. Most would for sure, suit somebody. Maybe six or eight, were pure junk. Today...strictly in my opinion, it comes down to a serious hair splitting. As it has always been. The best bow you will ever shoot is the bow you shoot the best. Brand name and price do not figure in. In every brand of bow, one person will deem it junk, another will deem it a jewel. Brand name and cost, don't matter.

From: spike78
Yup of all bows probably my Parker as well.

From: Ambush
I'm hurt! My old Drenalin is the only bow I've ever owned that I'll never sell. Killed a lot of animals with it. It is kinda sloppy (I like to say "relaxed") but then likely so am I. Good match, I guess. Never cared much for any PSE"s I had, but can't say I've ever had a bow I hated. Strings maybe, though.

From: bowhunter24
Always shot them before I bought them, so I can't say any were hated; the old bows sure weren't as light or smooth as the new ones though1

2008 model Matthews S2,,,, sold it, but got a good price for it ,,,, just could not shoot it

From: t-roy
Mathews Z7 magnum I bought from a guy off AT. One of the negatives about being a southpaw is you are sometimes very limited in getting to shoot a lot of different bows at the bow shops.

Bow shot great, but if I creeped forward, even the tiniest bit, (which I know you’re not supposed to do) that thing would just about jerk my arm out of socket. Went back to my old reliable Switchback XT and never looked back.

From: Rickm
Wonder if the old string material had a lot to do with it? Probably wouldn't have spent every other day re tuning my Machine Supreme with modern strings?

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