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Arrow impact changing
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From: njbuck
I have a Hoyt carbon Matrix which up until this year I have been in love with. I had some issues with it this summer with some of the lock bolts in the riser backing out but after getting that fixed it has been shooting well again. Anyhow, I shoot almost daily to keep sharp. I have a three pin slider with the pins set at 20,30 and 40. Past 40 I use the 40 yard pin when I adjust the slider. Long story short, about 2 weeks ago, I started shooting high on all my shots. After going over everything and seeing that nothing was moved, my 20 yard pin is now dead on at 20 but is still on at 30 yards. Now my 30 yard pin is dead on at 40 and my 40 yard is dead on at 50. This makes no sense to me. I would think it would have to be I changed my form but I went through my draw sequence and everything seems to be the same. Any ideas?

From: Russ Koon
Check your brace height and axle-to-axle measurements. String stretch can sometimes reveal itself through a change in impact point, as a string stretches in an area he results in a change in the nock position relative to the original one. doesn't take much stretch to move the nock enough to alter the impact height. A sudden change in nock position could also be caused by a slight movement of the nock on the string, unusual with today's today's normal usage of d-loops and releases.

You might also want to check your rest closely for any changes, especially if it's a drop-away type.

From: Boatman71
Might check your peep as well to make sure it has not moved. They don't have to move much to change impact a lot at 30 yards.

From: JTV
is your anchor changing slightly ?? ... peep moved, rest moved,

From: Buff
Check the screws holding your sight, the whole sight could be moving

From: Bou'bound
Compromised string under serving

From: Rick 3
I would definitely take your bow in and get it tuned just to make sure everything is set up correctly.

If the limb bolts were backed out slightly before and you didn't notice the change in draw weight could have affected you bow speed, sight in, etc.

If the 20 is now on for 20 & 30 and the 30 is 40, 40 is 50 I think you picked up speed by fixing the limb bolt issue.

My Chill R uses the same pin for 20 & 30 due to speed.

Good Luck!

Rick 3, how fast is your Chill R?

From: olebuck
Check hoyts Web sight for the specs on that bow.

ATA Brace height. visually inspect every detail

If the bow checks out on the specs do the following:

1. Tie in the peep sight. even if its already tied it, just do it to be sure it doesn't move. 3. check fetching clearance 2. I would then shoot through paper at point blank range - tune accordingly. i would guess you have a slight low tear.

From: Rick 3
Hi Baggin,

My Chill R with a GT Velocity is hitting about 323fps. With my Huntet XT's its about 310ish...

Thanks, Rick

From: skookumjt
Somehow you just broke the laws of physics if you didn't increase the speed of your arrow. If you needed a separate pin for 20 and 30 before but don't now and your gaps between 30-40 and 40-50 but don't now, something significant changed.

From: bow_dude
I would suspect the "d" loop has shifted down ever so slightly or your arrow rest has moved up ever so slightly. I set my bow in a bow vise, plumb the bow string with a laser and then put an arrow on the string and check if it's level using the laser. I can tell in a moment if something has moved. If this doesn't make sense and you are interested, I can shoot a short video to show you what I am talking about.

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