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Ladderstand and Safety Line Slack?
Whitetail Deer
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Hunt98 29-Oct-18
BOHUNTER09 29-Oct-18
JohnMC 29-Oct-18
Teeton 29-Oct-18
JLeMieux 30-Oct-18
GotBowAz 30-Oct-18
Brotsky 30-Oct-18
Bowfreak 30-Oct-18
longbeard 30-Oct-18
Urbncwby 30-Oct-18
From: Hunt98
For a ladderstand and safety line. I assume you tie off the rope to the bottom step?

How much slack do you have in your safety line?

It seems too much slack makes it more difficult to slide the knot up as you go.

I make mine pretty tight. Also no need to tie it to the bottom step. I tie mine about eye level

From: JohnMC
I would not tie it off at bottom. Grap rope and ladder in one hande, then slide knot up with other hand. I want the freedom to move more in stand. I wear more of mountain climbing harness so I tie on in front. If wearing a vest with a longer tag to connect to in back being tight might work, but I think if needed to shoot behind being tight would be a problem.

From: Teeton
I tie it to my pack so the weight of is on the line.. It keeps the rope tight enough to side the knot up easily. In stand I pull my pack up. Ed

Thx for that little tip Teeton.

Great idea

From: JLeMieux
I do the same as Teeton or pin the line between the side of my foot and ladder on the way up. Once up, I pull the rope up and keep it up there during the hunt. I feel like any move I make could move the rope and attract attention at a deer's eye level.

From: GotBowAz
Ed, that's the best idea I've heard yet. I was going to ask for those that use a safety line what are they doing about the scent control on the rope?

From: Brotsky
I tie mine off to the bottom of the ladder and have just about enough slack so that it hangs down along the tree. I tie it off at head height above me. The knot slides easily and the rope is out of the way in the stand as I push the loose end back behind the stand. Scent on the rope has never been an issue.

From: Bowfreak
I leave plenty of slack and just pinch the rope against the ladder with the hand I'm holding on with and slide the knot with my other hand. Pretty simple.

From: longbeard
I don’t tie it off at bottom. I just pinch the rope against the tree with my knee as I climb. Some interesting ideas and techniques here though

From: Urbncwby
I tie to a step lower than my shoulders when I’m on the ground. I leave enough slack so the lifeline will hang back near the tree at the top so it’s not in my way to shoot.

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