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Hunt98 31-Oct-18
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From: Hunt98
I have a bear hide that I want to be made into a pelt (not a rug). I don’t know much about it. I want to send it somewhere for it to be done. I see there are different methods (wet, dry, different chemicals).

I would like it to be very soft and pliable to be thrown over a couch or chair.

What method would you suggest would work best for the pelt?

From: Franklin
A "wet tan" is only for`s a tanned oiled hide that has not been dried and tumbled/broken. You have to get a dry tan....any tan whether it`s Alum....Lutan...Synthetic will work. There is no need to have it Chrome tanned as that is usually for garments. If you take it to a taxidermist they will tack on a fee for handling and any other work they must do....caping, turning, fleshing, toe removal etc.

Most tanneries only do wholesale to taxidermist. If you can`t find someone, shoot me a pm. You will be looking at about $28 a l.f…..nose to tail for tanning and another $80- 120 for turning salting and fleshing. If it`s already salted it`s the $28 a l.f to tan.

From: Habitat
Check with USA fox

I have always gone through a taxidermist. They generally send them out to be tanned.

From: Inshart
I would contact Dennis Razza (sp?)

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