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The Black Rack???
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McCree 31-Oct-18
Big-Al 31-Oct-18
RJ Hunt 31-Oct-18
Shawn 31-Oct-18
LBshooter 31-Oct-18
Shawn 03-Nov-18
greg simon 03-Nov-18
Ironbow 03-Nov-18
From: McCree
Maybe I'm behind times, I don't have cable or satellite and I don't watch much TV. I have however been watching some YouTube videos while I'm on my elliptical getting a little exercise. During several of the videos I'm seen adds for The Black Rack and Exterminator call. What's all the hype about? Is there something magical about these composite antlers that makes them better that the set of sheds I rattle with?

From: Big-Al
Nothing magic about them, however, they are easy to used and I bang my fingers a lot less! I have rattled in several deer with them in the past couple of years.

From: RJ Hunt
Is an interesting idea. Think I may take a set of real antlers and make something similar to try. My fingers may thank me.

From: Shawn
Nothing magic about them but I do like the black rack. I do not have the call as i have a favorite grunt tube I use. I will say they are not for getting the sound way out there but they work excellent when the deer can hear them, but than again at the right time deer will respond to most anything. If I see a buck 300 yards away I have a big set of muley sheds that I use, no brow tines helps as it saves your thumbs!! Shawn

From: LBshooter
Marketing, and wait til you see the videos for their scent elimination system, I think it's called phase? Just another way to get your money.

From: Shawn
Sorry some things are money well spent. I rattled in 3 bucks yesterday afternoon with the black rack. Easy on my hands and 20 bucks. Some idiots spend that on coffee in 4 days!! Shawn

From: greg simon
Nothing against the product. Rattling antlers work but their marketing is just ridiculous!!! They act like they just perfected cold fusion. "Use rattling antlers and a grunt call to call whitetail deer". Holy crap get the Nobel Prize ready!!!

From: Ironbow
I laugh when they are doing tending grunts while they are rattling!

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