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From: craig@work
I’ve read quite a bit on AT about this but haven’t tried it. Anyone here done it? Pros and cons?


From: wooddamon1
I haven't tried the bee smoker thing, but have noticed I get busted a lot less when my clothes have been hanging in the cabin with the wood stove going or I've been wearing them around a campfire. This of course pertains to actual deer sighted, who knows, maybe a whole herd smelled me further down wind and crept away without participating in the test...: )

I do it every year. It works best if you apply the smoke to your skin. It isn't totally fool proof but I can honestly say that out of 10 occurrences with a deer down wind maybe two or three have flipped out and took off. Several might catch my scent, but they don't get to alarmed and usually go back to doing what they were doing.

The trick is to use hard woods. Soft woods don't produce the same chemical properties.

From: cnelk
Just use Nose Jammer

Nose jammer works, but its illegal in some states

From: Boatman71
I read that thread as well and it caught my interest enough I tried it with good results so far. I fired up the Traeger with some cherry pellets and LIGHTLY smoked my clothes (with the smoke vent :-). Sunday evening I had does all around me throughout the hunt. Not a one even flinched down wind. In my opinion there are too many variable to be fully confident it works every time, but if it continues to work, I will continue to do it. The great thing is it don't cost hundreds of dollars!

From: Lost Arra
Oklahoma just recently legalized "medical" marijuana and cold beer in liquor stores, I don't know if we will ever legalize smoking clothes.

From: boothill
I second the Nose Jammer as I feel it really works 90% of the time. I have a buddy who swears by smoking of the clothes. My only issue is you never quite get that smell off your skin until season is over with. You may be smoking your clothes but it will transfer to your skin and hair. My wife would no appreciate that at all. She hated getting in my truck until after season and it was fumigated of all the dirt and nature smells. LOL

From: Joey Ward
I hate the smell of wood smoke on my clothes.

It ain’t for me.

From: snapcrackpop
I have read about hunters from other cultures using smoke as part of their hunting ritual...

From: JTV
Ive got hundreds of dollars wrapped up into my clothes ... I'm not about to stink them up with wood smoke .. its fine some times to smell from a distance, a campfire or fireplace, but no way on gods green earth will I ever wear clothing that smells like it ... hell, I get pissed when I smell it when some jackwagon is burning leaves a mile away and I'm down wind of the crap and I'm hunting, I dont want to smell woods smoke when I'm hunting.. PERIOD !! ... my clothes stay as odorless as I can make them .... as for the deer, I just use the wind and stand locations and what I use now spray/shampoo wise ... my procedures have worked well thru the years with well over 100 deer killed including some BIG bucks... I sure as hell aint changing now... BTW, those on AT are a bunch of douches anyways, esp. their pos moderators ... screw 'em ;0)

I wanna know where some of u peeps hunt that you have a constant wind direction the whole hunt. Most of the places i hunt, the wind is switching maybe not constantly, but periodically. And SOMETIMES, constantly.... I usually have to try to get on the edge of the ridge near a dropoff so my scent stays above the deer going the forevasted direction. But i dont know if ive ever had a hunt where the wind stayed ONE direction i wanted. It’d be damn sweet to just say, winds comin this way so if i get in that tree over there on that side of the trail, im good....

It's steep, cut up, and rugged here. The wind changes with the clock hand unless there is a low pressure system coming in.

From: LBshooter
I have used nose jammer and in my opinion it works, I like spraying it on the bottom of my boots.i have a bee smoker and the key is not to smoke to heavy, otherwise it's hard to stay in the clothes lol. A light smoking will do, and a bee smoker on a,Aron for 13 bucks, hard to beat.

From: sir misalots
Ive seen deer feeding by a burning stump. Not concerned a bit. Ive wanted to try it for a while to see if it helps. I hunt where the wind swirls a lot.

From: TrapperKayak
It is worth a try. I can't see how they would be any more alarmed than by the smell of just human scent.

From: BigOzzie
do it unintentionally all the time, now I may do it with intention.

usually light up the wood fired hot tub when I'm hunting near the cabin. the fire needs stoked every couple of hours, so I sit and hunt then hike back and stoke the fire and head back to the stand. Therefore I have been doing it unintentionally, but I must say I have killed bigger bucks the last 3 years since I have been hunting within hiking distance of the hot tub.



From: craig@work
I opted to try the nose jammer stuff and I’m sold on it after 3 hunts. Multiple deer downwind without blowing out. Yesterday I decided not to use it and of course first deer went downwind and bolted. I sprayed the tree and within an hour had 5+ go through same spot without blowing. This morning used it and had deer downwind all morning. Oh, managed to tag a 7 pt too which made my day even better! What really sold me was the does not reacting to it. Young bucks are dumb at this time of year but not the ladies. Thanks for the input fellas.


From: Franklin
One aspect some are missing....smoke contains Aldehydes that are acidic in nature. Acid prevents bacterial growth, most hunting sprays are anti microbial in nature. That`s why they say not to spray on your skin directly you can weaken your immune system. Smoking is what "tans" a brain tanned hide....the brains are merely a fat liquor that lubricates the skin structure.

Soooo..... i can get a tan without sitting on a beach AND prevent getting winded?

From: Aces11
I have never tried smoking my hunting clothes, but I have read a lot of forums on the subject. When I think about it the one thing that sticks out is nobody that smokes their clothing has ever said the regretted it. Maybe they are onto something...

From: hunter47025
we use a bee hive smoker and wood chips when we are getting real serious. your right about getting the smell out though, it takes a long time. But, not been busted when we smoke up.

In previous years, i smoked my clothes a lot. My buddy hated it! He would even keep his distance from me saying he didnt want the odor to transfer to his clothing.

I made the mistake of smoking them heavily and would get busted by deer more than cared for and it seemed that even after reducing the amount of smoke, i was still getting busted.

So....... This year im using something different. Im trying nose jammer but im also using something else and the results have been positive. I'll give my opinion after the season is over, but so far ive killed 2 does and have had several deer downwind both close and far and haven't been busted.

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