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Effect of disc/plowing a field?
Whitetail Deer
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McCree 02-Nov-18
Dale06 02-Nov-18
craig@work 02-Nov-18
buckhammer 02-Nov-18
grizzly 02-Nov-18
1boonr 03-Nov-18
Duke 03-Nov-18
From: McCree
I think I know the answer but what are your experiences with pre/post plowing of a corn field? I was excited about a particular stand location and the multiple photos I had of a good buck. I was waiting until Nov 1 and the wind to hunt this stand which happen to fall on the same day. When I arrived yesterday the field had been plowed; it was plowed on Oct 23rd based on my pics. I hunted the stand yesterday evening and this morning as the wind allowed and didn't see deer #1. Needless to say I'm very bummed about this as the stand/camera location was really hot prior to the 23rd.

From: Dale06
Little to nothing to attract them in a plowed corn field. I would think that plowing buries all the waste corn.

From: craig@work
I’ve had little to no action hunting over tilled fields of corn. Or beans. Sucks

From: buckhammer
I have it written in my contract with the farmer that I lease my farm to that under no circumstance will any fall tillage be done. Deer don't like walking across a chisel plowed field any more than we do. It is a pain. These fields have no food value when tilled.

From: grizzly
In Eastern South Dakota, if the crops come out on schedule and the farmers get to do their fall tillage, it can become a white desert if it snows early. If this happen prior to the start of rifle season, the deer will sometimes lay up in the plowed season as any available cover is hit hard by hunters. You can sometimes spot many deer laying in the rows of plowing.

From: 1boonr
I see herds of deer every winter grazing in chiseled fields. I would prefer that they not be but it is a necessary farming practice for some. It may however cause the deer to feed more in my standing plots though.

From: Duke
Discing is ok. Plowing is bad. Two totally different things.

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