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At What Point?
Whitetail Deer
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From: Thornton
At what point do you talk to a neighbor about all the bucks he is crippling? My friend owns a small farm near Harvey County KS area and his neighbor has crippled 3 bucks in two years. 2 were this season and the guy keeps bowhunting. My friend is reluctant to say anything because he is not a confrontational person but he is getting fed up. This neighbor is new to hunting and took up the sport because his family owns a lot of land.

From: Franklin
Give a example of how he knows he is "crippling" these it from him saying he has shot one and couldn`t find it or are deer being found on his property with his neighbors arrow in it?

From: Cazador
I call BS. Just another BS rifle troll and Jesus are there a lot of bowhunters in disguise here lately.

Instead of your friend laying down the law to someone you have no business laying the law down to, why not become friends and help him? Who made your bud the guy that does that? Has he never been new to hunting?

From: Thornton
He is already friends with the guy. The guy texts him every time he arrows one with pictures of blood and they can never find them. Cazador I've been hunting and killing deer with a bow for almost 20 years but I think you already knew that

From: craig@work
I think your friend has no ground to say anything. Part of owning land and having neighbors. Everyone is going to hit and lose a deer at some point. And early in a bowhunting journey it’s much more likely. Your friend needs to stop whining and get on with life. Not worth a terrible relationship with a neighbor. I’d much rather have a neighbor who wounds deer than one who trespasses, destroys stands, and is a complete tool. I’ve had the latter, and now that they are gone I couldn’t care less when the new guys wound a deer. At least my stands are where I left them.

From: Bou'bound
I say it when he is hunting on my land other than that you have no right and should mind your own business.

From: 1boonr
Get him to switch from expandables

From: BTM

BTM's embedded Photo
BTM's embedded Photo
Send a few boxes of these to him. Instant DRT kills, guaranteed! - John R.

From: ki-ke
Offer to help, offer advice, have a look at his set up, talk about shot selection/placement, etc. If he accepts the offer, the door is open to speak to the woundings. If declined MYOB.

From: Scoot
Yep totally agree edith the above. Ki-ke is spot on IMO.

From: greg simon
Yes offer to help, educate, practice. Not chastise or regulate. Be a friend not an asshole!

3 deer in 2 years could happen to anyone. Maybe one or more of those bucks survived. No big deal. Your friend doesn’t own the deer. I agree with Ki-ke and Bou.

From: Aces11
What Ki-Ke said. Offer to help him find the wounded deer if possible. Probably open the door to talk about shot selection at that time. Hate to see someone give up on bowhunting because they had bad experiences in their first couple years. Might also open the door for some hunting spots to all that land.

From: Genesis
I love me some baloney but I think I would truly enjoy somebody telling me something like that over a 1/2 in thick slice of it.

From: stealthycat
just ask him to stop using mechancials, that'll help a lot


I would mind my own business, not say a word.

From: APauls
I'd offer to help, but even so it will go one way or the other. Either the guy will realize he's losing deer and up his game or quit. No one continues that way for a long time. It's too frustrating. Well, except the trad guys lol JUST KIDDING

From: Elkhorn
He would have wAtched them fall with rage .

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