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An amateur needs answers
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Mud 03-Nov-18
From: Mud
Hello & thank you to all who may give helpful advice. Long story short. I don't work, don't have $ to spare. My 2011 Bear Mauler w/ 70# limbs just came back from Bear free of charge, with brand new 70# limbs. I'd stripped bow of all accessories. When I found it at my door I was surprised & happy. I began putting all back on just as it had come off. Mind you, I'm a lefty & my last thought was try a stiffer spine. This worked well but; the rest, the old sight, & the new sight I installed all needed to be maxed out to get even the stiffest (2315 @ 27 1/2" arrow, 28 3/4" 100 grain field tip to nock valley OAL EASTON XX75 Lite) from hitting way right. I started with cheap arrows, then when it got close I switched to my 400 spined HEXX. I was hitting at 30 in a 6" target circle but this rig had given me 3" groups @ 60 yrds before it went to factory.

I started thinking my past limbs were 8 years old, one was cracked. My "70#'s" had most likely been 56-60 due to weakening. I could only think to try the heavy arrows I have. At 20 all arrow shafts are touching, straight entry.

I had to move my whisker biscuit almost as far left as it would go. I also need the new old stock carbon carnivore micro click maxed to the left.

Just some info as I already know, get some $ & hit the bow shop but; it came back with new limbs. Paperwork says tracking is dead on. The dual string stops they put back on, still jumped the boot stopper. I removed them but maybe string won't jump it with these much stiffer, heavier arrows. I know I can turn my limbs bolts out equally & I may do that just to see if the 400 spine HEXX's start showing their $13.00 each price is worthy again.

I'm not expecting a miracle answer as it's impossible to diagnose without having it. Is my idea that new limbs were causing under spined way to the right hits? I picked up this micro click carbon fiber sight so I can quickly adjust for different arrows but I had my 18 HEXX target ones, of only 6 ever shot. I understand that 70# limbs should be fired at a torqued down 70#'s. Back the limbs bolts out up to 3 1/2 turns is possible, though I think it may cause problems, not be easier on itself stress wise & harmonics. I have no problem pulling & holding 70# w/85% let off. I'm just saying I wanted the power for the 60 yard targets.

If I'd thought it wouldn't shoot the HEXX'S anymore at 70#'s I'd have had 60# limbs installed. None of that still explains why I have to have my rest offset & sight maxed to one side.

At this point I'd like it correct again but I'm also thinking just get a new APA lefty. I'm going to call the dealer a fellow here mentioned & ask him what lefty he has that he needs to move. I'll take any color. Even hot pink if it's cheap & accuracy is attainable. They are MEANT to be fully adjusted for any arrow, draw length & weight.

One more dumb question. Is there any compound that can be set up for a left or right eye dominant shooter? It kind of stinks I see some very nice bows but don't know what eye the youngest 2 will be. My eyes switched at 12 from right to left dominance.

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