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Hunt swap, Ark. Ducks for Elk + $$$
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Slow Poke 03-Nov-18
From: Slow Poke

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Looking for a swap of hunting plus cash, offering 3 days hunting in W Arkansas for 2-3 hunters killing ducks on private managed waterfowl habitats plus $2,000 in exchange for an Elk Bow hunt in 6x6 class or better. We hold ducks all season long and are currently sitting on around 500 mallards plus several hundred other species. Our properties are spread out along the Arkansas river, hunting one does not affect the others, giving us the ability to hunt ducks 7 days a week without burning out their usage patterns. We have pumps to fight ice outs and all equipment needed to hunt birds in any weather or conditions. Our blinds are mostly hand built in our shop and in good shape. There is no guarantee in success in hunting wild game, but we come as close as you can get to it with Arkansas waterfowl. We do not guide hunts or make money off the birds. It is strictly private hunting. I am looking for a bow hunt for elk for one person. 6x6 class or better. Not looking for a camping expedition where there is so much work that hunting is the smallest aspect of the project. No horses, not interested in this type of outing. Might consider a gun hunt but prefer opportunity with bow. $2,000 for expenses and getting the animal out. Will take care of processing personally, just need in and out assistance. Will consider a moose hunt as well, $2,500 plus duck hunts for free. email me yobenny@hotmail.com expect plenty of questions. Thanks

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