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looking for a outfitter for spring hunt
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trackman 04-Nov-18
DConcrete 04-Nov-18
JackPine Acres 04-Nov-18
flyingbrass 04-Nov-18
Craig 04-Nov-18
Kevin Speicher 04-Nov-18
Forest bows 05-Nov-18
carcus 06-Nov-18
milnrick 06-Nov-18
M.Pauls 06-Nov-18
TSOV 06-Nov-18
From: trackman
looking for spring black bear outfitter in Manitoba or Saskatchewan

Sleeve Lake, MB.

From: DConcrete
Craig here on bowsite has tags available for 2019. My wife and I went with him this year and their operation is top notch! I highly recommend his operation. They are some of the hardest working people I’ve met and his wife and my wife became friends. They’re just top shelf people.

Mike's Outfitting in Alberta runs a great operation and they manage for big bears & their hunters go home happy and with some really big bears.

From: flyingbrass
look at sponsors on here for sure, read the reviews

From: Craig
I private messaged you

I would call Jason Lambley, Interlake Safaris, Manitoba. He will get you into quality bears for sure!

From: Forest bows
Rob Nye

From: carcus
Stickflingers manitoba bowhunts, bowhunting only camp and Ryan produces monster bears year after year, its where I would go in manitoba!

From: milnrick
Call Jake Gunson, Gunson Guiding in Dirintosh SK. VERY clean operation, great accommodations, first class fishing.

From: M.Pauls
X2 on stickflingers, top notch bow hunting outfitter

From: TSOV
I have a Camp that has close to a 20” average for the last 3 a sponsor ...look up Lone Wolf Camps ....three bears over 21” last spring alone! Contact me!

Thanks for the referral Habitat! (Frank) but unfortunately we are sold out for 2019.

Craig and Mel with North Mountain run a great outfit, and are wonderful people

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